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Driving Directions For India On MG Maps

I few days back I had talked about my pursuit of better maps for India on my N95 in the post Mapping India.

Although I was more or less satisfied with MG Maps running Yahoo India Maps, there was one drawback in application which was preventing it to be a perfect mapping and navigation solution for the Indian user. As I had mentioned in the earlier post, the driving directions feature is still not available in India since MG Maps uses Google for all its searches by default including routes (Google does not have driving directions/ route search for India yet). So even if you get detailed maps using Yahoo India maps, with your current location, speed heading etc on the screen, you still cannot use MG Maps as a GPS navigation system.

I posted a request to the developer of MG Maps to include Yahoo India maps in the search feature of the application and found that there is thread on the subject the forums section of MG Maps. At the forum I also discovered that there a very talented person who goes by the alias spadival has managed to create a pipe on Yahoo using Yahoo India Maps to get driving directions for India. Click here to read more about pipes.You can find the pipe created by spadival here.

Now what this pipe does is, it uses Yahoo Maps India to search for directions which are fed into the “from” and “to” fields and gives an output on the map. The best part is that the output can also be saved as a kml file which can be loaded to the phone running MG Maps and then the application loads the file and the way-points are show on the phone.

Here is a detailed “how to” on plotting your route in advance, sending it to the phone and then taking it up from there:

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[Update]: emTube Hits 1.0.10


Now this one thing that I hate, missing out on updates to the great applications I have installed on my N95. Just to inform you that emTube has hit v1.0.8 on January 9th 2008. 

As of today, v 1.0.10 is out! The new version brings some stability improvements and bug fixes apart from support for three new languages (Spanish, Bulgarian and Hebrew). It is also now possible to find also videos with restricted content, sort by Relevance, Date, View Count or Rating. An option to “Scan drives for FLV videos” also makes a debut.

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Mapping India!

The two main reasons (apart from the many usual ones) for which I bought my N95 were its multimedia capabilities and the fact that it had an in built GPS receiver.I had always wanted to know where I was while traveling an unknown route in a train or a bus (especially when the train was running behind schedule and the time table could not be relied upon). I wanted to be able to drive around India without having to stop and ask for directions at every crossroads, being able to roam around new towns (where people don’t understand English or Hindi) without getting lost and so many other things which a well implemented GPS solution promised to solve.

I must say I was very disappointed with the bundled Nokia Maps and started looking around for other solutions. At the time google maps was not available in Symbian and it also didn’t have support for GPS. So I turned to MG Maps. Now this was not a Symbian application and was prone to crashes due to memory leaks and other issues unknown to me but it had support for Google maps and GPS and that is what mattered. It also showed me other info like speed, heading etc. on the main screen. So it worked for me for a while, but then good old Google decided to withdraw support to the application and Google maps were no longer supported with versions released after Jul 2007 (v 1.36 to be precise). It did have support for Windows Live Maps, Yahoo Maps also but their coverage of India was even worse than Nokia Maps.

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