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Finally N-Gage Goes Live – Partially!

N-Gage Goes Live 

The N-Gage brand has finally woken up from the big slumber that Nokia had put it into following the not so sucessful N-Gage devices. The new gaming platform which is compatible with devices such as the N81, N95 Lineup, N73, N82 etc has now been made available for the N81 only.

The probable reason behind this move is to keep the numbers manageable and make bug rectification easier but I as a user would have liked to be a uniform launch; although the internet modded file that enables usage on other compatible handsets is available in the across the internet. (Thanks Ricky)

The default ‘get started’ pack includes:

– N-Gage application (required) (6.3MB)
– Space Impact: Kappa Base (11.7MB)
– System Rush: Evolution (13.2MB)
– Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep (28MB)

Download! the client here. From the looks from things the application looks nice and intutive but how sucessful it will be depends on how it will be received when v1.0 goes live across all phones as that will be the time the user base will grow and the community features such as IM etc would come into play more.

For a detailed coverage and screenshots look up this post by Ewan and this one by Rafe.

Slide To Hang Up A Call

Slide Hang Up! 

Sliding the phone to the closed position to end a call is one feature that is usually built into sliders. The N81 has a proper menu which allows one to customise slide behaviour, while this is curiously absent in all N95 siblings. However, not anymore. This small utility which lacks any UI when installed ends a call when the slide is closed – simple as that.

Download! (unsigned)

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Signing Files Made Easy!


Pasco brings new that OPDA the people who brought us Mobile Signer which allowed us to sign applications on the mobile itself have made another great application called DevReq that allows allows us to create a .csr file on the mobile itself. It can then be uploaded to symbian signed and used to create a .cer.

This means that now files can be signed without access to a PC! So all those of you travelling, without access to a PC, on a Mac rejoice!

Note: Just install all the files in order in the phone memory. The default browser won’t let you download a .cer or for that matter any extention that the phone doesn’t recognise. So use Opera.


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Having Fun With S60

 BT Info Salling Clicker

The thing I love about S60 devices is that they allow us to do so much more than the usual ‘features’ the phone ships with. I have been out of town for while now and have had quite a bit of fun bugging people and amazing them all with my N95 and three applications. I am sure most of you are aware of two of the three I am going to talk about in this post.

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[Update]: emTube Hits 1.0.10


Now this one thing that I hate, missing out on updates to the great applications I have installed on my N95. Just to inform you that emTube has hit v1.0.8 on January 9th 2008. 

As of today, v 1.0.10 is out! The new version brings some stability improvements and bug fixes apart from support for three new languages (Spanish, Bulgarian and Hebrew). It is also now possible to find also videos with restricted content, sort by Relevance, Date, View Count or Rating. An option to “Scan drives for FLV videos” also makes a debut.

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