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MeeGo Conference, Dublin: In Pictures

Today is the ‘unconference’ day of the first ever ‘MeeGo Conference’ and thus much more relaxed. The last two days have had the Aviva Stadium abuzz with packed sessions, lots of energy and a ton of chatter about the future of MeeGo. Add to that that every attendee of the MeeGo Conference is being given away a MeeGo touting Lenovo IdeaPad and you can image what the atmosphere is like.

But instead of trying to convey what is going on in words, here are tons of pictures from day 1, 2 and 3. Time to put the ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ proverb to the test.

MeeGo Conference, Dublin: In Pictures

Find the entire set on Flickr, or watch the slideshow below.

Live From The MeeGo Conference

I am at the MeeGo Conference in Dublin which takes place at the Aviva stadium from the 15th to 17th (Monday – Wednesday). Also, here are Rafe and Reggie from All About MeeGo and mobile analyst Julien Fourgeaud and together we will be bringing you the latest from the keynotes, sessions and all of the surrounding activities.

The MeeGo Conference is the follow up event to what used to be Maemo Summit and is being attended by just over 1000 people. You can also follow along on Twitter @TheHandheldBlog and at #MeeGoConf which is the official conference hashtag. Last, if you would like the watch the event yourself, a few sessions are also being live streamed.

Day 2

Day 1

Stephen Elop Will Be Keynoting At MWC 2011

In a move which may mark Nokia’s return to the Mobile World Congress, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop is all set to keynote at the conference on Wednesday Feb. 16, 2011 in a talk titled ‘Connecting the Dots – A 360° View on Consumer Electronics‘. What is interesting to note is that he will also be joined by Ryuji Yamada, President & CEO, NTT DOCOMO, Paul Jacobs, Chairman & CEO, Qualcomm and Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO of Research In Motion.

Stephen Elop Will Be Keynoting At MWC 2011

This means that you shouldn’t expect no new device or policy announcements at least in that keynote. If you remember, Nokia had pulled out of the MWC in 2010 and instead held their own event down the road from the venue for the Congress, but with its CEO speaking at the event, it is possible that Nokia will make a return to the exhibition floors once again come 2011.

The dates of the Feb. 14-17 event are perfect for Nokia to showcase their MeeGo device. In any case, next year’s MWC is packed with a lot of industry movers and shakers and it is all set to provide an interesting start to 2011.

Hat tip to Mark Squires!

The Super Fast & Smooth Photos App On The N8

Consuming high megapixel photos on a mobile is never fun. The phone, no matter how fast it is, can never seem to keep up when you start flicking through them in the gallery. The Nokia N8 takes humongous 12 megapixel images, which as you can image must be a nightmare to load.

 The Super Fast & Smooth Photos App On The Nokia N8

Even the latest 1 Ghz Android devices with their 5 Megapixel Cameras have trouble making those images fly, so you can image what it must be like on the supposedly ‘low spec’ N8?

Its blazing fast. You can keep swiping and the next image will keep on coming. I tried the Photos app on the N8 with over 400 images and video already inside it and it just kept throwing one photo after another with no lag whatsoever. Don’t believe me, watch this video in glorious HD.

The only nag that I could see was that the pinch to zoom was not as responsive as it is on a few other devices, you need to go a little slower and then things workout fine. May be its the way Nokia’s made it. That being said, the device I had was still not running commercial software so things might change by the time the N8 hits shelves.

Impressed? You should be!

Nokia N8 Review: First Look

At Nokia World, Nokia gave out 1000 N8’s to all those who attended the first developer session. The devices have the production hardware and the PR 1.0 software, however even the PR 1.0 on those was not the commercial version with which the N8’s will ship soon.

Nokia N8 Review: First Look

I was unlucky to miss out on the handsets, fortunately my friend Iain Wallace at Do It Different was able to get his hands on one and was kind enough to let me have a go at the N8 for the entire time I was in Edinburgh. Soon we concluded that the N8 is a little better than you expect in all departments and this came as a very pleasant surprise. The way he summed it up was ‘You get the iPhone and are immediately wowed, and with time you start to notice the shortcoming and get frustrated. On the N8 you keep liking it more, the more you use it’. I completely agree and I have to say that I liked the N8 much more on day three than I did on day one. It is definitely a device that grows on you and the sheer number of underlying improvements to Symbian^3 make for a huge jump in the overall user experience.

Anssi Vanjoki wasn’t kidding when he said that you should use the N8 before passing judgment on it. Get past the similar looking homescreen, the underlying experience will make it worth it. Without further ado, here is my first look at the Nokia N8 in glorious HD.

I personally am not too bothered about the alleged delays, Nokia is bent upon doing a good job with the first firmware and an additional one/two weeks is a small price to pay for a stable device.

What do you make of the N8?

An Interview With Damian Dinning – Shot On A N8

At Nokia World last week I was able to catch up with Nokia’s camera king Damian Dinning (@PhoneDaz) for an interview. Not only was it a sheer pleasure interviewing someone so deeply involved with Nokia’s camera phones, but it was also a perfect opportunity to see what the Nokia N8 was capable of when it came to video recording.

The conditions were as bad as they get. Strong moving lights, a ton of noise and background music. So was the conversation we had audible? I’m glad to say that the N8’s dual microphones were at their best and we got some pretty nice footage. In case you were wondering, we talked about video stabilization, the new EDOF cameras on the new Symbian ^3 devices and what ‘new’ is in store for the N8.

To get an idea of what the N8 is capable of, might I suggest watching the interview in HD.

So the new EDOF camera might even pleasantly surprise the not so keen photographers after all. I saw some shots taken from a C7 and they were not bad at all, even the large 8 x10″ and bigger prints looked great. Much thanks to Iain Wallace at Do It Different for shooting the video on his N8.