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Everything You Wanted To Know About The N8

I have just finished a Q&A with Esa (the N8 product manager), Maija and Aapo of Nokia  along with a bunch of other bloggers and have quite a few interesting bits of knowledge about the N8 for you. The vibe that I got from this Q&A was that the N8 is still being worked upon and we might see a few surprises when it comes out or even later via a firmware update.

Instead of the usual denial that such and such functionality will not be present in the N8, we got a more encouraging, we can’t talk about it yet approach along with the wait and watch. It appears Nokia is really trying hard with the N8.

Nokia N8 Pictures

  • The N8 is the first penta band 3G device. (WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100)
  • The N8 does not have a sequence mode for taking pictures – Nokia optimized for the cam for still shot quality. “We need to push the 12Mpix filesizes thru the engine and wanted to get great optimization & fast shot-to-shot first”.
  • Is the pinch to zoom functionality smooth? The demo video wasn’t very convincing – A. “Very smooth in my opinion, and animates when zooming in Photos, E-mail and Browser. Very useful for e-mails. The video is a bit old in that, so I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the real deal”.
  • The N8 records 1 minute of HD video in about 60 MB. That puts a 30 minute video at 1.8 GB.
  • The N8 has a conversational view in SMS.
  • The N8 has 680 Mhz processor along with a with graphics accelerator. This translates to approximately 60 frames per second on the UI, ‘resulting in a very competitive performance’.
  • The Web TV offering will vary from market to market, it will grow eventually. ‘There will be content from e.g. CNN, National Geographic and Paramount as well as local TV broadcasters’.
  • Two mics to record audio in videos. One near the lens, and the other located at the usual spot.
  • You will need to pay a visit to your local Nokia Care Center to get the battery replaced, 12 month warranty on it.
  • It can play .mkv files, support for Divx/Xvid possible by the time of release, doesn’t exist currently.
  • Faster Face Detection and shot times in general. No new functionality such as Smile shutter etc.
  • Redone email client. “the e-mail is completely redone. Super easy to set up multiple accounts without knowing any server details. Works with Exchange. Displays HTML mails with nice fonts and pictures in place. Fast switching between mailboxes. Tap-and-hold for contextual options… it’s totally redone”.
  • If the phone hangs, press the power key for 8 seconds to reboot.
  • The sensor on the N8 is ‘bigger and thus taking brighter shots. I checked that its bigger than many 300 € pocket cameras‘. Also, ‘New 28mm wide angle optics from Zeiss gives wider view and fits well with 16:9 view finder & pics’. If you want more detail about the N8’s camera, look this AAS post up.
  • When asked about multitouch on the N8’s keyboard, the answer was ‘no multitouch keyboard at this stage‘. Hope.
  • Facebook profiles can be linked to the device phonebook.
  • And yes, the Ovi Suite for Mac is still being worked on! ‘Polished’ as they put it.
  • On the loud speaker. Damian Dinning – “It uses one speaker. It’s in the camera raised area, you’ll see a small grill under the camera. It’s the most powerful speaker Nokia use. We use a small dedicated power amplifier to drive it as hard as possible, it’s pretty loud for a device of this size. In evaluation it was found that one larger speaker with this amplifier vs two smaller ones sounded better. It may not have the stereo speakers of other devices but this approach in use sounds better, at least to my ears. “

If you have questions of your own, you can ask away on this Nseries blog post.

The N8 Brings USB Reading Capabilities To Symbian – Something I Have Wanted For Ages

The one thing that I have always wanted on my smartphone was the ability to transfer data off my flash drive/portable hard disk without having to use a computer. Infact, I wrote a post way back in April 2008, requesting it. Come 2010 and my request has finally been heeded to – the N8 supports USB On-the-go.

The N8 Brings USB Reading Capabilities To Symbian - Something I Have Wanted For Ages

This means that you can plug in any USB stick/hard drive into the adapter that comes with the N8, connect it to the device and transfer data on the go without needing a PC. The only limit being that you will not be able to transfer files of more than 4GB due to the FAT 32 limitation, apart from that its game on. (This will also obviously not work with hard drives that need an external power supply).

At the just concluded Q&A I was also able to find out that the N8 captures one minute of HD video in about 60 MB, which means you could easily shoot a video clip of over 30 minutes and still be able to transfer it without needing a computer. Great for times when you are on a holiday and want to travel light.

The N8 has loads of small things that I am really excited about – Bluetooth 3.0, it is also the first penta band 3G device (WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100) so no need of having a NAM edition, this will mean consistent firmware updates. What do you like the most about the N8?

Thoughts: Nokia Hits The Sweet Spot With The N8’s Specs & Price

Nokia today finally announced the much leaked Nokia N8, its first Symbian ^3 12 Megapixel Pixel touch device and instead of dishing out the press release to you, I decided on looking into it a little more before making up my mind and bringing you my thoughts.

The N8 brings quite a lot of first’s for Nokia.

  • The first 12 MP camera.
  • The first Nokia to shoot 720p HD video.
  • The first device to run Symbian ^3.
  • The presense of a Xenon flash and a LED in one device.
  • Only the second Capacitive touch device, but the first with multitouch.
  • The first Bluetooth 3.0 device.
  • The first with HDMI out and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.
  • Qt integration.
  • Powered by an ARM 11 processor running at 680 MHz, making it the fastest in a Nokia yet.

Symbian^3 itself brings a ton of new features such as coverflow, a visual task manager, even better multitasking with data paging, single tap access, streamlined menu, 3 homescreens with 6 widgets each and Flash Light 4.

Nokia N8 Pictures

Other key features:

  • A slim profile of 113.5 x 59.12 x 12.9.
  • 135g in weight, which is not much considering its carved from a single piece of anodised aluminium.
  • 3.5″ capacitive multitouch display with a 640x 320 pixels resolution.
  • 720p video recording at 25 frames per second, with an LED light.
  • Camera aperture of F2.8, focal length 5.4.
  • HDMI out with the Nokia Adapter Cable CA-156.
  • The fairly standard 3.5mm jack.
  • WIFI, Radio, FM transmitter, A-GPS.
  • A 1200mAh BL-4D Li-Ion battery.
  • 135MB phone memory, 16GB inbuilt with support for a microSD card.
  • 256 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM.
  • Initially available in five colours: Dark Grey, Silver White, Green, Blue and Orange.
  • Capacitive stylus

Now that you have finished reading a very impressive spec list, here is the most impressive things about the N8, its price – $499/€370/£320/Rs. 22,150 before taxes or subsidies.

The N8 will come in five great looking colours (Silver white, Dark grey, Orange, Blue and Green) and the aluminum build will mean that it will feel premium. Hardware wise, its virtually perfect, even the 1200 mAh battery is supposed to last as much as the N97’s 1500 mAh, if not more. There are even more hidden goodies like stereo microphones for stereo audio capture, a shutter release at 150 milliseconds and effective digital zoom.

The only question now is whether S^3 will deliver? The criticism people have heaped on it is that it looks a lot like S^1, but I have a feeling that while it may not be as revolutionary as S^4 can be, the small tweaks and improvements will result in a much better experience. Integrated Qt should mean that we will have even more apps for the platform and Flash 4 (with Flash 10 compatibility for video coded and formats) will certainly help.

The N8 has a non removable battery, this will be important to some, but for the most of you it will be a non issue specially with products like the Proporta Turbocharger in the market. If I really had to pick faults, I’d say the lack of a hardware keyboard is a let down for me.

Wondering what my first reaction to the N8 was?

Aluminum + Xenon + 720P + Price Point = Sold!

In fact I’ll take two, Black and Silver/Gray please. If you (Nokia) can get it out soon, then pretty please with a cherry on top!

We saw some aggressive pricing with the Cseries and the recently announced E7, but with the N8 Nokia has really taken the fight to the opposition. It is a fight that they seem to have started very well.

Nokia C6 – Specifications, Pictures & Price

The third device to be announced today was the C6, a Symbian touch device with a 3.2″ screen, a slideout full QWERTY keyboard, a 5MP AF camera and the best part of its announcement was the 220 Euro price tag. Add to this the free Ovi Maps navigation with the built in A-GPS, and it becomes a pretty impressive feature set for the price.

Nokia C6 Pictures

The C6 is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2010 and I see Nokia selling these by the truck loads.

Complete Nokia C6 Specifications:

Nokia C6 - Specifications, Pictures & Price

Nokia C6 Pictures:

Nokia C6 Pictures
Nokia C6 Pictures
Nokia C6 Pictures

Nokia C6 Pictures

Nokia C6 Pictures

Nokia E5 – Specifications, Pictures & Video

The Nokia E5 is the latest Eseries device from Nokia, following the footsteps of the E72 and the E63. Similar form factor, email centric, yet made for entertainment as well.

Nokia E5 - Specifications, Pictures & Video

The design language on the E5 is a lot like the new Cseries devices. It features a new homescreen, a 5 MP camera and is expected to retain at EUR 180, before taxes and subsidies.

Complete E5 Specifications:


Nokia E5 In Video:

Nokia C3 – Specifications, Pictures & Video

Nokia has just announced the C3, the first Series 40 QWERTY device that is ‘designed to put better messaging and social networking tools in the hands of more people around the world’.

Nokia C3 - Specifications, Pictures & Video

The key message is Nokia’s announcement today was affordability, so they expect to sell these by the truckloads. Expect the C3 in golden white, slate grey and hot pink once Q2 is here, EUR 90, before taxes and subsidies.

Here are the complete specifications:

Nokia C3 Specifications

Messaging On The Nokia C3: