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Exclusive: Nokia Maps Come To iOS & Android Via The HTML5 Route

Nokia recently made it clear that other manufactures of Windows Phone based devices would also have access to their famed Ovi Maps, slightly surprising, but I guess that was part of the deal they struck with Microsoft. But what’ll come as another pleasant surprise is that users on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android will not be left bereft either. Nokia’s soft launched a brand new HTML5 powered, mobile optimized Nokia Maps website that as you will see below works perfectly on Android and iOS.

Exclusive: Nokia Maps Come To iOS & Android Exclusive: Nokia Maps Come To iOS & Android

The website ( is still very much beta (read basic), with the last update being carried out on July 7, but you can still browse worldwide maps on the go and plan a route, both driving and walking. Coupled with access to the GPS, it lets you track your movement accurately. On Android, you get small zoom keys to let you zoom in and out, but on iOS pinch to zoom works perfectly making the experience a tad better. This is probably down to better support for HTML5 technologies on iOS v Android.

Here’s a quick video overview Nokia Maps on Android and iOS:

With the speed at which Nokia’s Maps team works, I can imagine that the website will get pretty regular updates, perhaps incorporating POI and other goodies soon. This move marks a clear assault on Google Maps which for a long time were the sole runners when it came to cross platform deployment. In a lot of countries where Google doesn’t offer navigation, Nokia Maps via their HTML5 foray have the opportunity of matching the functionality the native Google Maps app provides.

I can see Nokia going the Google way with this, offer everyone your Maps so they get hooked but keep the best experience for your own platform. If you’re wondering this is how it looks on the iPad 2.

Check out the video for the full blown overview of Nokia Maps on Android (Galaxy S2) and iOS (iPad 2).

Finally before you start making your mind about it, remember this is a soft launch, a first step so to speak.

MeeGo v Android v iOS HTML5 Test [N9 v SGS2 v iPad 2]

HTML5 seems to be the new buzz word for the cool kids, with most manufactures moving from Flash to HTML5 for their video streaming and other needs. So with that in mind, I though it’d be good to see how MeeGo/Harmattan, Android and iOS perform in an HTML5 faceoff.

The devices used for the purpose are an N9, the Galaxy S2 and Apple’s iPad 2. Here is how each of them perform. The tests were done by pointing the browser to and noting the score out of a maximum of 450 points. You might be surprised by the results!

Lets start with iOS and the iPad 2, running iOS 4.3.3:

MeeGo v Android v iOS HTML5 Test

Followed by Android and the Galaxy S2 running Gingerbread 2.3.3:

MeeGo v Android v iOS HTML5 Test

And finally the MeeGo/Harmattan and the Nokia N9 running pre-release software:

MeeGo v Android v iOS HTML5 Test


Surprised by the results? Its some times hard to believe that Nokia is the same company that makes the Symbian browser! To recap:

  1. MeeGo/Harmattan: 283 and 14 bonus points.
  2. iOS: 217 and 7 bonus points.
  3. Android: 184 and 1 bonus point.

Finally some trivia, the latest Firefox 5 turns in a score of 286 and 9 bonus points, Safari tuns in 253 and 10 bonus points and the Symbian^3 browser, barely manages 36 points!

The Nokia N900 had a great browser and it seems Nokia’s made it even better with the N9!

[Update: Some people will say that its unfair to compare existing products with upcoming ones, and I agree. So for some perspective, as @coolkamio informs me on Twitter, iOS 5 manages a score of 304 + 9].

[Update 2: I’ve updated the N9 scores, based on the results from the Nokia Conversations post].

ESPN Cricinfo Launches Android & iOS Apps Just In Time For The Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is about to kick off this Saturday and ESPN Cricinfo has just launched its official Android and iOS apps just in time. Cricinfo which has recently been taken over by ESPN, is a website that brings us the most comprehensive cricket coverage from around the world. The good news is that the app, featuring a special World Cup section includes all of ESPNcricinfo’s in-depth coverage including ball-by-ball commentary, breaking news, incisive opinion pieces from the World’s best cricket writers and audio and video features.

There is no widget to give you a live scores at a glance, but there are push notifications to keep you updated when major events like a wicket occur in the game. The app is pleasing to the eye and customizable. Once you select your country, it tailors the news to your taste.

ESPN Cricinfo Android App ESPN Cricinfo Android App

(Options for selecting when push notifications will be triggered, the homescreen of the app)

ESPN Cricinfo Android App ESPN Cricinfo Android App

(You can keep up with multiple games at the same time, also use the dedicated World Cup section to stay on top of current standings)

Highlights include:

  • Live game coverage – Commentary, scorecard, match graphics, photographs, reports and player profiles from every international game.
  • ‘Lean back’ mode – Switch the app to lean back mode, place your device  on your table and follow live scores throughout a busy work day.
  • Push notifications – Get instant alerts for wickets, batsman milestones and score updates during live matches.
  • World Cup 2011 – Dedicated cricket World Cup 2011 section featuring squads, standings and stats and exclusive video content.
  • Personalisation – Customise news, results and fixtures by your favourite team.
  • Video/Audio – Watch and listen to the latest ESPNcricinfo video and audio podcasts.
  • Magazine – Read from a selection of the best features from ESPNcricinfo Magazine
  • News, Results, Fixtures, Records and Rankings

The above screenshots are from my Android powered Galaxy S, however a visually similar app is also available for iOS. Unfortunately, there is no similar ‘official’ Cricinfo app on the Ovi Store, but you might find lesser equivalents.

The ESPNCrininfo app is a free download on both iOS and Android and if you follow cricket, is a must download.