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Demo Of Qt From ‘The Way We Live Next 3.0’ Event

Nokia has just released Qt 4.6, the first release of Qt to natively support both Symbian and Maemo. Why Qt is important is because it enables the creation of applications which can run on both platforms yet be born from a single code base. In other words, the developer can make an application once and then supply it both for Symbian and Maemo devices.

This is the tool Nokia is looking at to harmonise software development across its different platforms. Qt also supports Windows 7, Apple Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Maemo 6. At the Way We Live Next event at Nokia House, I can able to catch a demo of how this will work and ask a couple of questions about it, the video is embedded below.

If you want to know more about Qt, hit this link.

[Decipher This Update] Major Compete Is A Website & An Online Treasure Hunt

The image that I told you about is becoming more interesting with time. With a bit of prodding I have been able to figure out that words ‘Major Compete’ in the picture actually translate into a URL – and that it has nothing to do with the October 23 event that Nokia is holding in London.


It is actually in the nature of an online treasure hunt. If you fire up in your browser you will see the following page. The first word sure seems a lot like Maemo. If this is going in the direction of the N900, I am going to love it.

UPDATE – It just hit me that the missing words on that parchment could be – Maemo Project, which would lead to a website based around the movie Paranormal Activity. Hit this link for information on how to crack the code.

Nokia N900 Unboxing Video

We told you about the Maemo Central launch today morning and since then there has been considerable activity on the N900/Maemo front, considering the fact that today is the first day of the Maemo Summit. The N900 has been unboxed on video, we also now have details coming in about Maemo 6 (multitouch and capacitive touchscreens are a go). Nokia has announced the official port of Qt to Maemo 5 and word is out the Portrait browsing is coming to the N900 by Christmas.

Nokia N900 Unboxing

If Maemo or the N900 interests you, just head across to Maemo Central.


A little over a month ago when Nokia introduced the N900, I asked you what new direction should The Symbian Blog take? Quite a number of you took the time to reply (thank you!) and were keen on Maemo and N900 coverage, so that settled the first question as to whether I should covered the aforementioned subjects. The next question was how do I do that? Should I expand the horizon of The Symbian Blog and include Maemo as well, or launch a new website.


I thought about it and as much as I wanted, I couldn’t get myself to cover Maemo on ‘The ‘Symbian‘ Blog’ on a regular basis. Therefore it was time for a fresh new website and thus was born – your one stop destination for all things Maemo. News, reviews, tutorials and more about the Maemo platform.

I have been updating Maemo Central for a few days now and since today marks the start of the Maemo Summit, I though it would be a good time to soft launch it. The Symbian Blog will meanwhile continue to run full force, like it always has. We will still cover important Maemo/N900 stories here, but Maemo Central will be the place where all the in-depth action will be.



In order to keep up with all the latest Maemo Central updates you can subscribe to the free full feed RSS and even follow us via Twitter @MaemoCentral.


Maemo Central will be under active development over the new few days so I will greatly appreciate any feedback you may have. Please use the contact page or the comments section to get in touch.

Hope you have a pleasant stay and do let us know what you think.

Get The Nokia N900 User Manual Now

The N900 is a fresh new device with a new layout, settings and functionality. If you have been using Nokia smartphones in the past, chances are that you never felt the need of picking the user manual, the N900 however will change that. Not only will the geek in you want to read it, you might even learn a thing or two about the device.

Nokia N900 User Manual

Nokia USA has already uploaded the manual and I am happy to share the direct link (4.8 MB PDF Download) with you. Hat tip to bugelrex for the link and NokiAAddict for the tweet. The manual seems to have some typographical errors, so read with caution!

Find anything interesting? Please share in the comments section below.

Two Comprehensive N900/Maemo 5 Reviews

When it rains, it pours. We not have not one but two very comprehensive (read as exceptionally long) reviews of the N900 and its Maemo 5 OS. Michal Jerz at My-Symbian looks at the N900 in minute detail right from the camera with image/video samples, to the hardware, build quality, Maemo 5 and even available applications.

In conclusion he has praise for the speed and stability of the device, the quick GPS, the new Maemo 5 OS and quite a few other things. His concerns stem from the lack of Java support, limited number of profiles, no equalizer and the internal memory amongst other things. Considering the fact that the review is based on a proto device with unfinished software, it is quite possible that quite a few of these niggles go away by the time the device hits the shelves. Jump over for the complete low down.

Two Comprehensive N900/Maemo5 Reviews

Meanwhile, Eldar from Mobile-Review has visually dissected the N900’s Maemo 5 OS with the help of hundreds of screenshots.  Be it the Gallery, the Browser, the integrated Phonebook or Messaging, it is all covered. If you are interested in the N900, this is a piece you will not want to miss.