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irRemote Available Now!

IR Remote Available

Everybody’s favourite application the irRemote is finally available now for S60 v3 infrared equipped phones.

irRemote turns your phone into a universal remote control and allows us to operate audio and video equipment using one device – Symbian operated smartphone with infrared port.

It’s simple and intuitive. Just select the device from the list and control it using your phone’s keypad. The database of supported devices is stored online and you can download new codes directly from the irRemote. You can extend the list of supported devices by uploading codes for them through an online wizard.

This application is great fun to play with, however when it comes to practical feasibility it takes a backseat as the phone has poor ir range. Still i’ve had great fun in malls, shops etc playing around with people’s TV’s, music systems etc on my old 6600. Will get this application, if nothing else, for old time’s sake!

Click Here to Download (A 10 Day Trial)!

The N800 As Multimedia Device

The N800 as a media device performs reasonably. However the clear lack of support for some codecs does mar it a little specially in the video department. It failed to play mp4 videos recorded on the N95. Since I have been carrying these devices together for a while now, I wanted to play some video I’d just shot from the N95 and when it failed to play I was almost shocked. A modern smartphone such as the N95 can handle most formats thanks to a great third party application called the Core Player; the N800 is based on a open source platform and it is surprising that an effective video player for it is not out yet. Some 3rd party options include Canola, Kagu Media Player and UKMP. Another great application is UKTube which gives smooth YouTube video playback, however these may not be needed soon due to OS 2008 coming! Its apparently available ‘unofficially’ even now!

N800 Specs

Comparison Shot From Here.

The only way out is converting video which I’m not a great fan of. This is a waste of the gorgeous screen. However things are not as bad as they seem for there is a silver lining, the new 2008 OS which the N810 will ship with is also coming out for the N800. It promises wider codec support amongst other things; a clear reason to rejoice for the existing owners.

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Android – What Would Your Phone Do?

The Google Mobile Phone OS ‘Android‘ has just gone official. Android, is named after the start-up company that Google bought in 2004 for its mobile software. Google has also made it clear that it won’t be making or marketing any phones. It is more significant and ambitious than a single phone. In fact, through the joint efforts of the members of the Open Handset Alliance, Google hopes to make Android the foundation for many new phones and create an entirely new mobile experience for users, with new applications and new capabilities. The entire theme for the Platform is ‘Innovation’.

Outlining Innovation: 

Android will deliver a complete set of software for mobile devices: an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications and because Android will cost nothing, it could undercut rivals who charge handset makers to install their operating systems. It also promises to make smart phones less expensive since manufacturers won’t have to pay for software.

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