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Pre Sales Review Of The BH-703

BH-703 Headset - Share on Ovi

I am not a very bluetooth headset person. Infact till about a year back I won’t have even considered wearing one. But with time, thankfully they have become much better looking, slim, sleek and wearable. Courtesy of the good people at WOM World, I was able to get my hands the BH-703, one of the best looking headsets in the market today. I have been using it for a few days now and in this post I try and bring you my thoughts on it.

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Nokia Not Switching Over To Linux For Its ‘Phones’

Nokia Not Switching Over To Linux For Its 'Phones'

The anxiety is over folks. Nokia has no plans to switch over to Linux as the OS for its phones. As you may be aware a few days back there were reports that Nokia was planning to shift to Linux for its lineup; these were caused when comments from Rick Simonson, Nokia’s Financial Director, that the mobile phone giant was “well on the way” towards using Linux on mobile phones were misinterpreted. The confusion came from the definition of a mobile phone, and what constitutes a phone handset. Nokia already uses Linux on its internet tablets (N800, N810) and is planning to expand that class into more feature-rich devices.

The N810 already features VoIP, including a Skype client, but so far those have only been usable when logged on to a WiFi hotspot. But in the US Nokia has announced and demonstrated a version of the N810 with WiMAX support, which will give it the always-on connectivity that traditionally defines a mobile phone.

Thats it, rest assured, Nokia’s class leading Nseries and Eseries devices will continue to run our favourite Symbian OS and this is no surprise considering how deeply is Nokia invested in S60. (Via: SF and The Register)

Nokia Music PC Application Launched

Nokia Music PC Application Out

Nokia Beta Labs has been really turning it on these past few. The Nokia Music PC application that was demoed way back last year has finally made out in an early beta form. The idea behind the application was ease of use and convenience. The application makes possible to rip CDs directly to a connected device (just drag and drop the CD icon to your device – job done!) and move playlists you have created while out and about back to your PC collection. Nokia Music is also one of the first applications to take use Microsoft’s new WPF technology.

As part of their policy of remaining open, the PC application should function with any MTP-compliant device, whether it be a Nokia device or another brand MP3 player! Future versions of the application will also integrate Nokia’s Music Store and things such as artwork retrieval and a recommendations feature.

Give it a rip and let them know what you think! Some people are reporting that they are having issues getting it to run on XP SP3 and the team is working on it. I’ll meanwhile install and see how it goes from there!


From The Beta Labs: New Nokia Communication Center & Updates For Text Messenger, Location Tagger & Channels

Nokia Communication Center & Other Updates

The folks over at Beta Labs have been keeping busy these days. They have just released a new PC application called ‘Nokia Communication Center‘ which is a new simplified concept for managing messages and contacts in Nokia PC Suite. The good news is that it works with all Nokia devices that are compatible with PC Suite. The bad is that because its an early Beta it might have certain issues. From what I’ve seen of it so far, I like it!

Meanwhile the Nokia Text Messenger gadget for Windows Vista which fetches you the latest text messages from your connected Nokia device and displays them in the sidebar has also been updated.

Also, the wonderful Location Tagger has also received its last update.

Furthermore, the Nokia Channels application has also been reloaded and rebranded and launched as Nokia Headlines. A complete rundown of all the above below.

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Reflections – N95 8GB: Complete Rundown

N95 8GB - Share on Ovi

The N95 8GB or the N95-2 is the successor to the N95 Classic (N95-1). A lot has been already said about the device both positive and negative; it has generally been dubbed as Nokia’s answer to the loads of complaints people have had with the original. Now being a device which benefited from public feedback, Nokia had to get this right. This post investigates how successful has it been in the endeavour.

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