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New S60 Music & Gaming Device – The 5320 Xpress Music

Nokia 5320

Nokia today introduced two new music-enabled devices as additions to its XpressMusic range; the new Nokia 5320 XpressMusic and Nokia 5220 XpressMusic. Both music devices are expected to begin shipping in the third quarter of 2008, with an expected retail price range of 160 to 220 EUR, before taxes and subsidies. 

Our focus however will be on the 5320 which is a S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 based  device. It features a 2 megapixel camera , a 2” QVGA screen, a 3.5mm audio jack and  HSDPA. The new feature it brings is ”Say and Play” for the music player, which allows you to to just say the name of the song or album you want to be played, and you shall be obeyed. However its real world usability is doubtful; if you use voice dialing for contacts then this is the thing that might suit you (video of it in action). For the rest of us dedicated music keys are present to for quick access to music anytime.

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April 22nd Nokia Music Event

April 22nd Music Event

Nokia is holding a live webcast from London on the 22nd April at 12:30pm CET. Few details are available as of now as to what would this cover. More details have been promised closer to the event, but as of now there have been no updates and we’r left speculating. I doubt there would be any device launches this will most likely be something to do with ‘Comes With Music’ or the company’s ‘Music Store’. Time will tell!

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Pangea Day – Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Contest

Pangea Day

Before I tell you what this is about let me tell you what is up for grabs!

Courtesy of Nokia and WOM World, the winner will receive a Nokia N82, a carrying case, tripod, memory card, headphones and speakers! Plus Five Fanalists plus a friend will see their mobile films screened at the Live Pangea Day event in Los Angeles where an overall winner will be chosen by a celebrity panel. The winner of the Grand Prize also gets to undertake a mobile filmaking trip to the Rwandan Gorilla Reserve with full crew support.

Now if that has your interest here is what you need to do. Just create a film according to the outline provided by David on his site (also mentioned below), upload it to Share on Ovi’s Pangea site and let David know you’re in the running by leaving a comment on his blog. It really is that easy, so get your creative juices flowing, your directors chair ready and record! Details below!

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Mapping India!

The two main reasons (apart from the many usual ones) for which I bought my N95 were its multimedia capabilities and the fact that it had an in built GPS receiver.I had always wanted to know where I was while traveling an unknown route in a train or a bus (especially when the train was running behind schedule and the time table could not be relied upon). I wanted to be able to drive around India without having to stop and ask for directions at every crossroads, being able to roam around new towns (where people don’t understand English or Hindi) without getting lost and so many other things which a well implemented GPS solution promised to solve.

I must say I was very disappointed with the bundled Nokia Maps and started looking around for other solutions. At the time google maps was not available in Symbian and it also didn’t have support for GPS. So I turned to MG Maps. Now this was not a Symbian application and was prone to crashes due to memory leaks and other issues unknown to me but it had support for Google maps and GPS and that is what mattered. It also showed me other info like speed, heading etc. on the main screen. So it worked for me for a while, but then good old Google decided to withdraw support to the application and Google maps were no longer supported with versions released after Jul 2007 (v 1.36 to be precise). It did have support for Windows Live Maps, Yahoo Maps also but their coverage of India was even worse than Nokia Maps.

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Nseries Has Come A Long Way

It has been only two days with the N81 8GB and it feels as if I have had it for ages and in this post I answer why! This post is also not about hardware improvements or cutting edge features, it is about something that as an idea is very basic, yet increasingly difficult to achieve, seamlessness. It is about user experience, about ease of use, about connectivity.

Generally a lot of people are wary of changing phones for the simple reason that it is very tiresome and sometimes even tough to get all the contacts, calender entries, notes, music and so on onto a new device. I personally know a lot of people who are holding onto their devices for this very reason. While it is true that Nokia PC Suite has helped a lot in backup and restoring data and even help sync your phone data to other applications such as MS Outlook but still there are hitches when you want to shift to a new device.

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N81 8GB Special Edition Unboxing

 N81 8GB Special Edition

Courtesy of the good people at WOM World, I have recieved a special edition N81 8GB Special Edition. (Thanks Guys!) The great thing about it, apart from the packaging is that it ships with a set of Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Headphones! Thats right, an ultra deadly combo!

The N81 8GB has been out for a while now, but a beauty such as this deserved an unboxing and I decided to give it a shot. I was in college with friends when I was attempting to shoot this video and invariably we would end up laughing while making the video, you can imagine the number of retakes and it didn’t quite end there. I probably out of too much excitement kept using the words ‘really really’ time and again, to the point it gets irritaing. Anyway, here it is, the N81 8 Gig Special Edition unboxing after the break.

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