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How To Protect Files On Your S60 Device

Password Protected!Password Protected!Password Protection 

This is probably the most frequently asked question, ever! Everybody has certain photos, videos, songs and all sorts of other files which we want to hide from another person. Fortunately there are several 3rd party applications what allow us to do that, but unfortunately they are paid for!

However there are two ways in which you can not only hide files from the Gallery but also password protect them and the best part is that these methods cost nothing. In this post I will go over both of them.

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Full YouTube On Your S60 v3 Device!

Youtube On S60 

Yes, you read it correctly! You can now have access to any and I mean any video on youtube or any other flash video based website. There is no longer a need for converters or portals like or the youtube mobile site. Forget them all!

Update: Forget all of this, just look up this post. It is a fully featured YouTube client with no effort involved.

Update: RotateMe wizard Samir has meanwhile released a Youtube player that lets you search for youtube videos and playthen directly on the phone. There’s just one glitch in the beta, you can only search for one word! Really worth a shot. Look here.

In this guide I will list out a few easy steps which will allow you to do so.


1. Flash Lite 3 (Freeware) – Download! (Download if have registered at Adobe Labs or get it after registering from here)

2. Opera – Download!

3. CNPDA Flash Player (Freeware) – Download!

4. A S60v3 Phone e.g. N95, N93, N73, N83, N81, E90, E70 and so on.

Once the above is done with, lets start:

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Nokia Care Centers

Nokia Care - Cares?

Nokia is a great company who listens to its customers, granted! But it appears as if the people who are listening are only part of the R&D team. Making and selling the phone is just one part of the deal, after sales service is a big factor in consumer satisfaction and sadly here is where there seem to be a few holes which need to be plugged immediately.  

I recently got a mail from SV from over at, about a series that he’s running called Nokia Care Nightmares trying to get feedback from people all around the globe who have had a not so pleasing experiences visiting these centers. Mail your nightmares to or use this form to submit your story. Do include the location of the care center you are talking about. Let’s hope Nokia will respond after reading few of our stories! Below are a few of my thoughts.

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