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A Clash Of The Titans: But Does The Winner Take All?

But Does The Winner Take All?

A little while back I wrote a N82 and N95 8GB comparison to pick out a winner and although close but the 8GB won. When we look at the Eseries for a flagship, there is only one device looking us in the face, the E90. While Nseries has a tendency of churning out flagship devices at a quick clip, this isn’t quite the case with Eseries. Traditionally Eseries has been all business with poor cameras, the old pop port, not so great music and so on while the Nseries has been all of that and then some more. When the E90 came out, it bridged this gap, at least theoretically with a 3.2 auto focus camera, stereo speakers, A2DP, GPS almost everything that one looks for in a music phone. But is it enough to make a long time Nseries owner jump ship?

This post pits two unlikely phones, flasgships of two different series against each other and we try and pick a winner.

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Reflections – N95 8GB: Complete Rundown

N95 8GB - Share on Ovi

The N95 8GB or the N95-2 is the successor to the N95 Classic (N95-1). A lot has been already said about the device both positive and negative; it has generally been dubbed as Nokia’s answer to the loads of complaints people have had with the original. Now being a device which benefited from public feedback, Nokia had to get this right. This post investigates how successful has it been in the endeavour.

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Reflections – Nokia N82: N95 8GB Comparison & Final Verdict

Reflections N82 –N95 8GB Comparison & Final Verdict

If someone were to go out and decide that he or she wanted the top Nseries device that practically did everything, most peoples’ advice would be to get an N9x device. After all they are Nokia’s flagships and you would think that they’d be the best device to get hold of. However while the above might have been true six months back, I would have to think hard, before I say yes to the above.

Now let’s examine the current market setup. The N95 had been Nokia’s top dog for over a year and was easily the most feature packed device ever made at that point in time. However, it became old news with the launch of the improved N95 – The N95 8GB (N95-2), the heir apparent to N95’s throne. But meanwhile Nokia also released a handset called the N82 which practically can do everything the N95 can and in fact does it better; thereby putting the 8G’s claim at stake.

This post, along with pictures, looks at both the devices and we try and reach a verdict.

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Reflections – Nokia N82: Usability, Multimedia and Performance

Reflections - N82 

Firstly I apologise for the delay in getting this up. Now, starting from where I left off, this post deals with the core performance of the N82. What might be the issues you may experience while using the device and what can you expect to be delighted with. Right at the start I can confidently say that more times than one a user will come out happy with the N82.

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Reflections – Nokia N82: Build, Feel & Camera

 Nokia N82

To begin this review I decided to look back at my initial impressions of the device when it was announced. As it turns out this is what I had said. “As expected the N82 being an N8x device doesn’t do anything ground breaking which we’ve not seen earlier.”

Now while the above may be technically true, but this still doesn’t accurately describe the N82. After spending some time with the device I am compelled to change my stance. The N82 is a ground breaking device, make no mistake it is. While it might not have been the first 5 megapixel camera or the first with a GPS or to debut VGA video recording or support TV out,  it is something much more; a complete package. This device is NOT a jack of all trades but master of none. It excels in all departments and in fact betters the way there things performs on the N82 v/s the devices on which they debuted as the main attraction with may be very few exceptions.

The N82 when it came out was dubbed by many as the N95 in a monoblock form factor plus a xenon flash. This against doesn’t do justice to it. I am long time N95 user and I am seriously considering buying the device and not only because of the flash. Half of the time most of N95’s killer features are left unused because of poor battery life and I am glad to say the N82 for a change doesn’t suffer from this problem.

This post will focus on three key areas of the N82 – Build, Feel and the Camera.

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N81 Reflections: Part II (Travelling With The N81!)

N81 8GB Special Edition 

I have been out of town for the last few days and have had very little access to decent speed internet, not to mention scarcity of free time. However now all of that has changed, well apart from the internet! What this period of travel allowed me to do was explore the possibilities of the N81 as a travelling companion.

Am I happy? Yes, but it would be a qualified yes and here is why:

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