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New N95 Firmware Available For India Product Codes!

Finally the after being initially released in select regions the new firmware for the Nokia N95 is now available for product codes of the Indian Sub Continent.

N95 v12 Firmware!

The new firmware improves the overall speed of the phone, specially the Gallery and the Menu which is indeed welcome. The thumbnails load instantly! The biggest addition in the firmware is the AGPS or the Assisted GPS which  greatly improves the time taken for a GPS fix. However please do not expect instant results.

Edit: Assisted GPS means that satellite ephemeris data is pre-loaded via your Internet connection (Thanks Steve!). For a detailed explanation look this up.

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Pimp Your N95 – v2!

Pimp Your N95 v2! 

It has been a long long time since the Pimp Your N95 post. I was partially at work, traveling amongst other things. Didn’t have access to a computer for long periods… the works! However, I’m glad to say, I’m finally back and have the honor to present Pimp Your N95 – 2! Continuing from where i left off, here are a few more applications that deserve space on our precious smartphones, particularly the N95! I have tried to restrict myself to freeware applications and only two out of the eleven mentoned here are commercial apps! Loads of credit to the freeware application developers for making such high quality stuff! Continue reading Pimp Your N95 – v2!

Bluetooth As A Proximity Badge!

Today seems to be a what if this could be done day! After my previous post on a Bluetooth Mouse, this one again presents a challenge to the 3rd Party Application Developers! But if you own a Linux PC/Laptop you needn’t wait!

Using this method, explained here, Linux users can already use there phone as a proximity sensor for their Laptop or PC; meaning thereby that as soon as your bluetooth phone goes out of range the system locks itself! As soon as you come in range it unlocks! Cool!

Now our very own Salling Clicker can already do this! At least partly! It can lock the system as the proximity increases but it fails to unlock! However a downloadable script for it is available which allows the system to be unlocked too! But the problem is that the method is not secure! The author of the script clearly says that this is a security risk! More about Salling Clicker here.

He points out that:

“This script will have your windows logon credentials stored in plain text on your PC and has a service running that can interact with your desktop. Neither of these are very good things. You can lock down the directory storing the script using NTFS permissions if it is in the “my scripts” folder in “my documents”, but it also creates a temporary file containing your credentials for the duration of the script execution (a second or two when you enter proximity). Install and use at your own peril.”

Now this is a workable solution but the security risk keeps nagging you! What i’m asking is can’t a 3rd Party Developer do this securely? I’m sure a lot of people will be queing up for this sort of application! What do you guys think??

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Bluetooth Mouse On A Smartphone!

I found this really interesting! Teksoftco with their new BlueMouse software will allow users of Windows Mobile(Alas!) to pair their existing Bluetooth Mouse with a WinMo device and use it to mouse away to glory! On a small windows mobile phone screen, i dont’t know how useful will it be?! But the thing that hit me was what if we we had such a software for our very own TV out capable Symbian phones!

Blue Mouse

Now this would be being ‘Truly Wireless’! Instead of the need to sit close to the TV so as to control the phone, we can sit back and relax!

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Using The Built In IM Client!

From my first Symbian phone, I’ve always wondered why is the IM application built in if it is of no use! Never have I got it to work, till now!


The question is why do we even need it?

The reason is that I always somehow tend to prefer the built in applications over the 3rd party ones. We have a number of Instant Messaging applications that have been available over the years. The best I’ve ever used was Agile Messenger. Other alternatives are IM+, Fring etc. The problem with Agile and IM+ is that they are paid applications! Fring is free but lacks the yahoo option! Also there are certain difficulties that I faced while using Fring. While using the IM client in it and typing, if I happened to receive an IM from my pal at the other end, what I was typing is gone! Now that sometimes becomes quite a nuisance!

Enter the default client! Its surprising simple to setup and use! It gives us the option to use Yahoo, ICQ, MSN & AIM.

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