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How To Access Blocked Websites From Your Mobile

I am currently in Dubai and the first roadblock that I hit when I landed here was the sheer ammount of blocked websites on the internet. I could not open ‘Truphone‘ from my mobile to recharge my account, then I couldn’t log into ‘Orkut‘ to connect with friends and this list increased with time as I tried more and more websites.

Access Blocked Websites

Needless to say this was unacceptable and since  most proxy websites and servers are blocked too it quickly became a pain.  Then I hit on the idea of using proxy based web browsers like Opera Mini and Skyfire that not only gave me access to all of these blocked websites but were also faster and saved on data, useful when roaming.

Access Blocked Websites

As you can see I have ‘Orkut’ open on my N97 using ‘Opera Mini’ while it was blocked using the inbuilt browser, screenshot above. Unfortunatley, Skyfire is not currently compatible with S60 5th Edition devices like the N97 but on my E71 I have the option of using both Opera Mini and Skyfire.

So the next time you see a blocked website, open any of these softwares ard surf away!