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Samsung Galaxy S9 to be launched at MWC 2018

Samsung did not announce the S9 at CES 2018 – there were some rumours that it would be announced then but that did not happen. Well now we have confirmation from the Samsung US news website that the next Samsung Galaxy S9 will be launched at MWC 2018 on February 25th 2018 at 10:30 PM IST.

Samsung Galaxy S9 launch

From the brief release it seems like they have focused on the S9’s camera and are aiming to improve that significantly and it may feature HDR video capture.

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Get Yourself A Nokia At 0% Interest Spread Over 3 Monthy Installments

On the drive to work today I caught a Nokia advertisement on the radio and decided to do a bit of digging. Apparently Nokia India has introduced a scheme under which you can buy your favourite Nokia device and pay in 3 monthly installments and that too at 0% interest.

Get Yourself A Nokia At 0% Interest Spread Over 3 Monthy Installments

The scheme is valid for any Nokia device above the Rs. 7000 mark and is available in eight Indian cities that include NCR (Delhi-Gurgaon-Noida), Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. This facility is only available when you pay via your Citibank, HDFC Bank, Standard Chartered or ICICI Bank credit card. Considering how popular these banks, I guess most of you will be covered.

So if you have waiting to buy that favourite Nokia device or accessory, now may be the time.

[via: MobilGyaan]

Peer To Peer Wi-Fi Connectivity Coming To Symbian Next Year

The Wi-Fi Alliance is nearing publication of a specification for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Wi-Fi Direct, in other words “Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer”, which will enable Wi-Fi devices to connect securely without needing a traditional hotspot. This means that two devices could connect with each other over Wi-Fi much in the same way as they do over bluetooth as of now.

Peer To Peer Wi-Fi Connectivity Coming To Symbian Next Year

But once the Wi-Fi Direct implementation becomes popular, smartphones, cameras, printers, PCs, keyboards and headphones will be able to connect to each other to transfer content and share applications quickly and easily without needing a traditional router, great for onto the go access.

Come 2011, devices will be able to make a one-to-one connection, huddle together in a bunch, simultaneously.

The availability of Wi-Fi Direct adds some distinctive new capabilities into the mix including device discovery, service discovery and power saving functions. For handset creators, this means a solution enabling more diversity for connectivity applications such as printing, music players, and content sharing. For peripheral manufacturers, it means enabling robust, user-friendly device connectivity. And for application developers, it is a comprehensive application development framework incorporating service discovery protocols for gaming and other cross platform applications.

This could take multiplayer gaming to a new level, and copying a ton of data/music/movies off a friend’s device wirelessly within minutes is something I’m sure we all all looking forward to. If you want to know more, here is Symbian’s Wi-Fi Direct implementation page.

What aspect of our mobile usage do you think would most benefit from this? I haven’t come across an app that does this for Symbian already, have you?

[via: Symbian Blog]

Hunt Your Way To A Nokia E73 ‘Mode’ Or A Nokia E72

Nokia’s just recently released the E73 ‘Mode’ for T-Mobile in the US. It is basically the E72 with some styling differences and support for T-Mobile’s 3G bands. To celebrate, the Ovi Daily App blog is having a ‘scavenger hunt’ in which you can win yourself one. If you are not in the Unites States and your hunt bears fruit, you will be entitled on a Nokia E72, a device I love.

Hunt Your Way To A Nokia E73 'Mode' Or An E72

The ‘Scavenger Hunt’ started on June 3rd and will end on June 16, the day the ‘Mode’ launches in the US. In order to enter the competition, you need to answer a total of ten questions that are being put up each day on this page. You will also need a Ovi Mail account to email the answers to NokiaE73Mode@ovi.com. If you don’t have one, sign up now as using an Ovi account is mandatory.

Don’t worry that you are late, you can still catch up on the previous 5 questions and submit your answers. The important thing is that you answer all the 10 questions correctly. Judging by what I’ve seen so far, it shouldn’t be too hard and the guys at the Ovi Daily App blog are generous with hints too.

On a related note, you must see the E73 video that Nokia’s come up with, its one of their best.

You can also follow @ovidailyapp on Twitter for the latest questions, hints and reminders about the contest. Good luck!

Thoughts On The Nokia & Yahoo! Alliance

This alliance is a statement that Yahoo admits that they were not doing too well with Maps and Navigation, while Nokia accepted that they didn’t have a compelling Ovi Mail and Chat service; and that to fix this lacuna both companies have decided to join hands.

The result is that Nokia will now power Yahoo!’s maps and navigation services, integrating Ovi Maps across Yahoo! properties, with the “powered by Ovi” branding. While Yahoo! will become the exclusive provider of Nokia’s Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat services which will be branded as “Ovi Mail / Ovi Chat powered by Yahoo!”. So far so good.

Alliance: Ovi Mail & Chat To Be Powered By Yahoo! & Yahoo! Maps By Ovi

Yahoo is big in the US, infact it is the second most visited site in America and this is the userbase Nokia is looking to leverage and get better brand recognition for Ovi. Plus with Yahoo coming in, Nokia’s Ovi Mail and Chat will get better functionality without Nokia having to work on something it does not have a history with. As part of the deal, ID federation is being worked upon so that you will be able to sign in with your Ovi Account into Yahoo!’s various properties.

I think this is a very smart deal. Google already does Maps, Email and IM very well and both Nokia and Yahoo are in no position to dominate Google in all fields. Nokia does Ovi Maps very well and in my opinion they are better than Google Maps for most purposes specially in countries where there is no Google Navigation. Yahoo is perhaps the second most popular email and IM provider, after Google again. So these No. 2 ranked companies are joining resources to try and become number 1.

Timeframe for this to happen? Select, co-branded service offerings are expected to become available from the second half of 2010, with global availability expected in 2011.

In the last one year Nokia has really been on a collaborating spree, first Microsoft, then the big one with Intel to give  birth to MeeGo and now Yahoo!. All of these things take time to mature, so here’s hoping they pull of a superlative volte-face come 2011.

PS: What I would have liked even more – Ovi Share to be powered by Yahoo! Flickr anyone?

Ovi Maps Updated To v3.04: Faster Fix & More Points Of Interest

One of Nokia’s most compelling services, Ovi Maps, has just been updated to version 3.04. The update aims to brings even an even faster GPS fix irrespective of whether you are in the mall, on the street surrounded by skyscrapers or driving on an open highway by integrating Wi-Fi positioning. Nokia admits that it is a work in progress and it will get better and better as more people use it.

Ovi Maps Updated: Faster Fix & More Points Of Interest

The next functionality that was worked upon was the graphics performance when zooming in and out of maps, panning and tilting. This new version should be faster on your existing device and on upcoming devices like the N8 which also have faster hardware, it will be blazing fast.

Thirdly, the update brings more points of interest, consolidated from Navteq, Lonely Planet, Michelin, local Yellow pages companies like Telegate in Germany, Cityvox in France, Yell in Spain and Yellow Pages in Turkey. Next is the addition of Qype, Europe’s leading portal of user generated recommendations, this will help users review and discover and rate Qype places.

If you are in the mood for some trivia, here is some “Together, we drive more than 14 times around the world every day with Ovi Maps “.

Lastly, to make the Nokia plus Ovi Maps offering even more sweet, the N97, N97 mini, 6710 Navigator and X6 ship with the new Ovi Maps, a car holder and a car charger in box, while the 5800 XpressMusic, 5230, E52 and E72 will ship with the new Ovi Maps and a car holder. Amazing value.

Head to nokia.com/maps to get the latest release.