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Setting Up A Hotmail Account On Your Nokia Could Win You A Xbox 360

The Nokia Messaging India Facebook page brings news of a joint promotion that Nokia and Microsoft seem to be having, setting up a Windows Live Hotmail account through Nokia Messaging could win would one Xbox 360 every week.

Microsoft has just virtually reinvented Hotmail with a slew of new features and this promotion could be a move to help capture lost ground in the mobile email space.

Setting Up A Hotmail Account On Your Nokia Could Win You A Xbox 360

In order to participate you need to:

  • Activate Nokia Messaging on your Nokia device.If you don’t have it already on your mobile. click here to download.
  • Setup Windows Live Hotmail account using Nokia Messaging.
  • Send a slogan ‘Why Windows Live Hotmail is the coolest email on mobile’ in less than 20 words to winwith@live.in from the Windows Live Hotmail Id you have activated.

You might also want to follow Nokia Messaging India on Facebook to keep up with the latest.

Microsoft Communicator Mobile Comes To Nokia’s Eseries

Microsoft Communicator Mobile Comes To Nokia's EseriesThe first result of Nokia and Microsoft’s alliance to build productivity solutions is the Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia’s Eseries devices. The first ones to benefit would be the E72 and the E52 and the application would be available from the Ovi Store. In future, the app will come preloaded on new devices.

Communicator Mobile enables people to see their colleagues’ availability, and click to communicate with them using the best method, from IM to email, text to phone call. The names and status of colleagues are embedded directly into the devices’ contacts application, enabling people to update their own presence, start and join instant messaging sessions, and begin calls directly from the contact card.

“This application really provides a much more efficient way to work with others as you can see if someone is busy or available, and the best way to start a conversation with them,” says Ukko Lappalainen, Vice President at Nokia. “It also meets all of the requirements for enterprise: cost effective to implement, secure, familiar and reliable.”

Nokia Launches Ovi Music Unlimited In India

Today at the fourth Nokia Strategy Summit, Ovi Music Unlimited was finally unveiled in India. Ovi Music Unlimited is an alias for the ‘Comes With Music’ tagline that Nokia uses in other countries. The reason for a separate branding is because the service has been highly customised to suit the Indian market.

Nokia Launches Ovi Music Unlimited In India

The service has, for example, reduced the size of the Ovi Music client from 60 MB to 3MB to make it easier to download, next users can also search for music by the names of actors, actresses, and movies because many Indian users are fans of music from local films. The catalogue will include music from over 150 local labels  as well as major global labels.

Another things to note is that users will be able to use the service from multiple PC’s and not be tied down to one and also share tracks with their fellow Ovi Music Unlimited users via bluetooth.

The ability to download an unlimited number of tracks will run for 12 months from the date of activation of the service. Nokia does not sell individual tracks from its Music Store and there are no plans to change that. Unlike China, users in India will still have DRM’s music under OMU and that comes as a slight disappointment.

Personally speaking, I am really looking forward to the launch and will probably like to own a OMU device. Ovi Music Unlimited devices will include the X6, X2, 5800XpressMusic, 5530, 5232 and the 5130.

More at Nokia Conversations.

Our Final N900 Giveaway Winner Is

If you entered our N900 giveaway and are anxious to see if you’ve won, the wait ends here. In order to conduct the draw we put the names of all of you who entered into a big basket and streamed the draw live on QIK.


Huge congratulations to Karan! I will be touch with the details on how to claim your N900. We had some great entries and I would like to thank all of you for taking part. I hope you enjoy your copy of Hi-N-Bye.

Till next time!

Last Chance To Enter Our N900 Giveaway

A quick reminder to let you know that you only have a little over 21 hours (entries close April 23rd 11:59 PM IST) to get your name in for our N900 draw. Infact the entries were supposed to end today, however we experienced some downtime earlier in the day and because of that I am extending the contest by one more day so that those of you who were waiting till the last moment can still get in.

Here Is Your Chance To Win 3 Nokia N900's

All you need to do in order to enter is download the Hi-N-Bye application from the Ovi Store and simply enter your name in the comments section of the original post. At the end of the contest we will choose one lucky winner based on a random draw.

About Hi-N-Bye:

Hi-N-Bye is a motion controlled accelerometer based application that recognizes hand gestures and eliminates the need of using physical buttons to complete tasks such as answering a call, switching on the loudspeaker, switching between calls and terminating them.

When your phone rings, you can simply look at who is calling and simply put the phone to your ear without pressing a button and the call will be automatically answered. If you are wondering how this works, the following video should help:

Hi-N-Bye is currently 3€ (4$, 2.6£ or 175 INR) at the Ovi Store and has been tested on N82, N95, N96, 5800, N97, N97 mini and the X6, but should work on similar devices as well.


  • The contest is open to everyone, irrespective of geographic location.
  • The last date for entering the lucky draw is the 23rd of April (11:59 PM IST).
  • Downloading the Hi-N-Bye application from the Ovi Store is mandatory for entering this contest.
  • The decision of the organisers is final and no queries will be entertained with regard to the selection process. More fine print here.
  • Subscribe via RSS, Email or Twitter so that you don’t miss out on any updates.

PS: Please leave your comments on the original post, to avoid confusion I have disabled comments on this post.

Winners Of Our N900 Giveaway – One N900 Still Up For Grabs

If you took part in our N900 giveaway, this post if for you. If you didn’t I suggest you visit this post and enter the giveaway right now, we still have one N900 up for grabs in a lucky draw. As part of the submission, contestants had to give their feedback on the Hi-N-Bye application and ideas on how the developers could make it better to win a N900 in the first category.

Winners Of Our N900 Giveaway - One N900 Still Up For Grabs

In the second category, we wanted to know how you think the Ovi Store could become perfect and the best entry would walk away with a N900. We had some great ideas in both sections and after much deliberation, we have our winners!

Category 1: Hi-N-Bye – Gaurav

“Background: I have been using Nokia’s devices for a long time now, I started with S40 and moved to Symbian with the N95. I think it will be safe to say that I am at home with the software but I am also not what people call a ‘power user’.

Hi-N-Bye: This is the first application that I have purchased from the Ovi Store and I have got to say it is worth the 3 Euros. Infact I did a bit of background search on the app and found that it was listed at 10 Euros if you bought it from the developer’s website. Considering that, the Ovi Store price is not bad at all.


– When I saw the above video I thought that the application would not perform so well and that the video must have been shot after numerous retakes. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked just like advertised. Answering a call is such a pleasure now!

– There were occassions when it would automatically switch on the loudspeaker if I moved my hand while talking, but I quikly got used to how it interpreted my movements and got rid of the issue.

– The settings option needs a bit of work. I’d have loved a popup explains what each option does, right now the user is left to fend for himself.

– I love the option to hide the application, that way it is not visible when you long press the menu key.

– I don’t know if exactly how much RAM or battery it consumes, but it did not affect my multitasking ability nor did it make the battery last less than it usually does so I guess its good on those fronts. I also did not notice the phone slowing down.

New Functionality:

– Since the app is so good at anylysing gestures it would be great if they implemented functionality such as shake to change the track in the Music Player etc. It already recognises a sideway shake to switch calls, so modifying that to include the Music player shouldn’t be too hard. Will it be?

– I personally have not had a problem, but I have seen people complain about accidental actions above, so here is my solution.

– Most Nokia phones have a camera button on the side which has two levels of depression (first auto-focus and then press more to click) so the app could make use of the first level.

– That way the application would only trigger actions when the camera key was half pressed. e.g. To pick up a call, half press the camera key and that would activate the senors and then the app could function like it does. To activate the loudspeaker, simply hit the camera key and perform the appropriate gesture.

– A lot of people would say that if we need to press a key, then what’s the point of the app. My answer is twofold:

– One, the camera key is perfectly placed for you to reach when on a call so it will come naturally.

– Two, otherwise without the app you will have to press different keys for different functions, now you need to hit just one and perform the gestures. This will guarantee 100% accuracy.

– Also for those of us, like me, you do not have accuracy issues, there could be an option to deactivate the cam key press mode.

So these were my thoughts on the Hi-N-Bye app! Thanks.”

Category 2: Ovi Store – Ruby

“I dont think i have the time to play with the app and talk about it.. only w hours left.. so i guess i’ll make my submission for category 2 & 3. Thanks..!

I love Nokia as a company.. They are a lot more open than perhaps any manufacturer i’ve come across till now.. Therefore since the time they launched the ovi brand i’ve been wanting it to suceed, specially the ovi store. I sick of apple shouting at the top of their voices that they have a million apps and so on.

Personally speaking a mllion apps don’t mean much to me, i’d rather have 100 really quality apps and be done with it. Ovi Store doesn’t have a huge load of apps and for Nokia that sholdn’t be such a bad thing. Less means easier to locate, easier to discover. What I’d ideally like them to do is make sure that there are 100 awesome apps there, make a campaign around that and show the world that quality still rules over quantity. Approach marketing from a different angle, clearly Apple is way ahead when it comes to numbers and in all fairness Nokia will never really catchup, my point is that they don’t need to!

Anyway, back to the more specific things I’d like to see in the Ovi Store:

1. Please make multiple installations possible. While browsing apps I should be able to mark an app under something like a download later head. This way we’ll discover more apps in lesser time. Later I should be able to go to the ‘Download Later’ head and then select ‘Install All’.

2. Next I’d like my purchases to be tied to my username and not the phone. If Nokia feels that this would hurt sales badly or something, then they could implement a mechanism where the purchased apps only work as long as I’m signed in and if I sign in on another phone they could stop working on the earlier one. This way I can use the app on one phone at a time, which is what the license allowed me in the first place…

3. The Ovi Store app should keep a track of all the Ovi apps I have on my phone. So when I sign in on a new phone it should automatically gve me an option to install all the apps that I had installed on my older phone. Obviously, the apps that are incompatible could be left out.

4. The above should also work for times when I format my phone or for times when I update the firmware…

5. Not that i see them doin it.. i’d like to see a native ovi store client rather than what we have now. WRT is irritating….

6. Better demarkation between freeware/shareware.

hoping to win! thanks!!”

Huge congratulations to Gaurav and Ruby! I am sure you will love the device. I will be in touch via email with details on how to claim your N900.

For the rest of you, there is still a chance to win a N900 in our lucky draw. Good luck!