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Wishing You A Very Happy New Year & Site Updates!

 Happy New Year!!

I might be a little late in wishing all of you a very Happy New Year ahead. Hope all of you had a great new year’s eve and partied till the wee hours! ’07 was the year I started blogging and boy, has it been fun. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and promise that I’ll try and come up with something even better in 2008.

With that in mind, I had thought of revamping the site a bit.

– As you can see I now have a new three column theme which, hopefully will make for easier navigation and accessibility.

– Plus in the coming time I plan to add a few more pages one of which would be a Q&A Page for any questions you may have in abstract and I will try and answer them myself or look around in case I turn up short.

– The biggest change was also suppossed to be effected today but sadly things didn’t really work out quick, I’m working on it though! The new URL of the this site would be:


Everything should work just as it does and the changes should be invisible and the old permalinks would automatically redirect. I just hope I can get this thing setup soon.

– With the new theme I have space for the My Current Theme section in the sidebar and will set it up soon. Its just that I am currently busy beyond words with an inter college event.

– I would also appreciate it if you could suggest any other thing I can incorporate to make it better.

Here’s wishing you all an amazing ’08, Cheers!!

Run WinMo .Net Based Applications


Red Five Labs has released a beta version of Net60 – the .NET Compact Framework for S60 which is available for immediate download. Net60 is a ground breaking implementation of the .NET Compact Framework running on S60 3rd edition devices, it enables managed Windows Mobile applications to run unchanged on S60 devices. Using C# and Visual Basic .NET in Visual Studio, developers can now use the .NET Compact Framework environment to build applications for Symbian devices.

To get your hands on the software you need to complete the sign up process and wait for the account to be approved. This beta version supports S60 3rd edition devices.

However, please do note that not ALL Windows Mobile applications will run using this software. It only enables the .Net applications to run. Still this is one of the better things to happen for S60!

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Brief: Nokia Map Loader & Maps Updated

Nokia Map Loader v 1.3

Anuj from the Nokia N95 Community on Orkut reports that the Nokia Map Loader has been updated to version 1.3 and the maps have also got an update. While the Indian map data has only increased from 19.7 MB to 21.1 MB, China it seems has gotten a big upgrade and is now upto 190 MB. In case you spot a change, do drop a comment.


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Brief: YBrowser Updated To v 0.85

Ybrowser Updated to v 0.85

Jukka Silvennoinen has updated the best file manager for S60 phones to v 0.85 and the update has brought stability under S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1! Also included are SVG images and two extra languages.

The usual add ons such as Mail Folder Plugin, Text Viewer Plugin etc are available from his website.


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