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Nokia Not Backing Out Of Webkit Support

S60 Browser

We have just had word from the official S60 Browser Blog that no matter what you may have read on a few websites, Nokia is not backing out of webkit support for the S60 browser.

Peter from the S60 Browser Blog says,

“As I understand it, one of our developers did some housekeeping on the Tiger branch of the webkit project, and some people thought it looked like we were backing away from the whole open-source project. No, no, no — it’s just that we’re focusing on the newer Leopard branch, we have a lot on our plates right now (you might have heard about Nokia’s acquisition of Trolltech, for example) and there’s only so much we can do at once. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the attention, of course, but any talk about S60 Browser backing away from Webkit isn’t true.”

The rumours were possibly fulled by the fact that the Browser ever since FP1 came out has not seen any form of development. The browser is one of the things dearest to me as far as S60 goes and it is troubling to see the Browser not go from heights to heights. With most smartphones packing in enough RAM nowadays we desperately need a few upgrades, here a few we “really” need:

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Hack: Download Any File Via The Default S60 Browser


My biggest gripe with the default S60 browser has been the (dis)ability to download files what the phone does not recognise itself. So inspite of WiFi and 3G speeds we cannot download a lot of stuff. A lot of times I get emails with .rar archived attachments and inspite of having a kickass smartphone while even lets me edit documents I cannot even get that attachment to my mobile. Silly!

But fear no more, Biggzy has just written an amazing guide (which he briefly mentions in the comments of the previous download manager post) which allows us to download any file with any extension via the default browser. I am reproducing it here. Brilliant work pal. There is just one caveat though you need to have the latest Core Player installed for this to work, if you do not have it I’d recommend getting it.

I recall when I had the N81, at first the phone couldn’t even download .zip attachments, however after I installed the default Zip application the Browser started downloading zip archives, so it is not difficult to implement or anything, S60 Browser team you listening?

The complete guide with step by step screenshots is right here after the break. If you prefer a video tutorial, look this page up.

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