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PR 1.1 Firmware v013.016 Now Available For The Nokia C7

Reports are flowing in that Nokia has started rolling out the PR 1.1 firmware for the Nokia C7. The update v013.016, bears a release date of 27-1-2011 and is a 6.7 MB over the air download. You can check for the update by entering *#0000# in the dialer and then selecting the ‘check for updates’ option from the menu or you could take the longer ‘Settings -> Phone -> Phone Management -> Device update -> Options -> Check for updates’ route.

Nokia C7 Firmware PR 1.1 v013.016

The PR 1.1 update for Symbian^3 devices is expected to bring a bucket load of bug fixes along with overall stability and speed improvements. There is no official changelog out yet, and I will update the post once I find it.

Nokia N8 users, an update for your devices cannot be far behind, time to put the device on charge. All Symbian^3 devices feature user data preservation, so you shouldn’t loose any data or settings after the update.

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