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Reflections – Nokia N82: Build, Feel & Camera

 Nokia N82

To begin this review I decided to look back at my initial impressions of the device when it was announced. As it turns out this is what I had said. “As expected the N82 being an N8x device doesn’t do anything ground breaking which we’ve not seen earlier.”

Now while the above may be technically true, but this still doesn’t accurately describe the N82. After spending some time with the device I am compelled to change my stance. The N82 is a ground breaking device, make no mistake it is. While it might not have been the first 5 megapixel camera or the first with a GPS or to debut VGA video recording or support TV out,  it is something much more; a complete package. This device is NOT a jack of all trades but master of none. It excels in all departments and in fact betters the way there things performs on the N82 v/s the devices on which they debuted as the main attraction with may be very few exceptions.

The N82 when it came out was dubbed by many as the N95 in a monoblock form factor plus a xenon flash. This against doesn’t do justice to it. I am long time N95 user and I am seriously considering buying the device and not only because of the flash. Half of the time most of N95’s killer features are left unused because of poor battery life and I am glad to say the N82 for a change doesn’t suffer from this problem.

This post will focus on three key areas of the N82 – Build, Feel and the Camera.

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Take RAW Images From Your Nokia!

 Take RAW Images! Take RAW Images

This is one of the most ground breaking applications and should really be useful for the mobile photography enthusiasts. Mobile phone cameras have improved a lot over time and have come to place where they are sucessfully challenging the domination of dedicated ditigal cameras. However the purists have always had a gripe over the processing algorithms used by the manufactures. Be in noise reduction, sharpening, colour correction there has always been something that could have been done better. Well, here’s your chance. Tea Vui Huang has just created a java based application that allows us to take RAW images in the DNG format which can later be processed to your liking.

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Built-In Geo-Tagging Explanied

 N78 User Manual

The recent FCC leak of the scaled down N78 that lacks WiFi or 3G has made its user manual available already for anyone who wants a read. Mark from The Nokia Blog has got hold of it and has along with screen grabs explained the process of in built GeoTagging that the N78 will debut. 

The process according to him is simple and if the ‘record location’ option is on and a GPS position is acquired, the camera will save the location information within the pictures’ Exif data thus negating the need for any other application like Shozu or Location Tagger. Built in GeoTagging is something that Nokia wants to bring to every future device and probably it will be done in the same manner for all, may be a few devcies currently on the market such as the N82 get this upgrade too.

Astronomy With The N95!

Almost everyday we have people putting the N95 to various uses, Ricky Cadden a.k.a. SymbianGuru’s N95 on a Kite or James of Nokia Creative’s under water filming.

Gaurav Rathod, a member of the Nokia N95 Community on Orkut, a social networking website and a member of Khagol Vishwa, an amatuer astronomy organisation has posted two amazing pictures from his 9″ telescope mounted N95.

Update: SkyandTelescope.com also has the pictures up.

The first one is of the planet Saturn:


(Click to Enlarge)

Second is the Comet 17PHolmes:

Comet 17PHolmes

(Click to Enlarge)

This is taking photography to new heights, great work is all I can say. What do you people think? Any other ‘different’ use of the N95’s camera you came across?

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The Shutter Sound Is Mute!


Finally! I’m glad to say now we can finally turn the flash and the sound completely off while taking a picture from our S60 3rd edition phones. Chua Welic has released a freeware which will allow us to do exactly that!  

cCam (pronounced “see-cam”) is a camera capture program that runs on S60 phones, allows us to click pictures with no shutter sound and no flash light! It saves the captured images to default memory card image directory.

It also features an option to set the focus range and a link to take us to the gallery.

DOWNLOAD! Version – 1.01

Note: While testing on the Nokia N95 i’m glad to say there was no sound, however the red led does light up for a micro second!

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