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Official Nokia Fix For The ‘Curse Of Silence’ Bug

Official Nokia Fix For The 'Curse Of Silence' BugWould you believe it! Nokia has actually gone ahead and released an official fix for the ‘Curse Of Silence’ bug that F-Secure had brought to light. The fix is in a form of a .sis file that can be installed on the phone and simply executed once to ‘cure’ a phone that has been a victim of the so called exploit.

If you don’t remember/know, this phrase refers to the ability of a attacker to disable the messaging capabilities on Nokia’s S60 3rd Edition devices (both inital and FP1), by sending a special message. The chances of you being a victim of such an ‘attack’ are very remote and even if you end up getting caught with this, keep in mind that a quick fix awaits your command. Meanwhile Nokia is also working with carriers across the world to block such messages. Direct download for the application is here.

P.S. – You DO NOT need an anti virus for your S60 device. Be a little careful and you NEVER will.