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Nokia Care Centers

Nokia Care - Cares?

Nokia is a great company who listens to its customers, granted! But it appears as if the people who are listening are only part of the R&D team. Making and selling the phone is just one part of the deal, after sales service is a big factor in consumer satisfaction and sadly here is where there seem to be a few holes which need to be plugged immediately.  

I recently got a mail from SV from over at S6ty.com, about a series that he’s running called Nokia Care Nightmares trying to get feedback from people all around the globe who have had a not so pleasing experiences visiting these centers. Mail your nightmares to sv@s6ty.com or use this form to submit your story. Do include the location of the care center you are talking about. Let’s hope Nokia will respond after reading few of our stories! Below are a few of my thoughts.

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