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The Entire Set Of Ringtones From The N97 & E75

I, for one, hate snazzy ringtones and prefer to go with the more polished ones that won’t cause an embarrassment in any situation even if I accidentally forget to put the phone on silent. After using mobile phones all these years, the conclusion I have come to is that the ringtones that come with the device are often the most polished, and ones you can keep for a long time.

So when I get a new device, I generally play most of the pre loaded tunes to see if I like any. The one thing that I always do is hear the message tones out because good ones are very hard to find otherwise. The E75 for example has a nice ‘Message1’ tune, its the usual Nokia but with a slightly different melody.

Download Nokia N97 & Nokia E75 Preloaded Ringtones

I have taken the time to pull the entire set of the pre-loaded tunes off the Nokia E75 as well as the Nokia N97 and put them in a ZIP file. If we can’t have the N97 today, we can at least have its ringtones!

Let me know if you find a noteworthy piece there.