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All The Information You Need About Maemo Powered Devices

The N900 Features Auto Focus In The Video Mode

One of the things that I dearly miss on Nseries devices when it comes to video capture is the lack of auto focus in the video mode. Slightly older devices like the N82 have a fixed focus while recording video which is set close and newer ones like the N85, N96, N97 and so on have it set slightly further. This fixed focus limitation also means that making macro videos is virtually impossible.

The N900 fixes this. Like the picture mode, you will be able to use the auto-focus function when you start capturing the video. There is still no continuous auto focus, but that is something you do not require often anyway. Mark from The Nokia Blog has put up this video demonstrating how it works.

Loads Of N900 Images & Demo Of Video Playback Over TV Out

As the Maemo Summit goes on, the N900 seems to be becoming more desirable by the minute. First up a is an extensive 70 image gallery of the N900 (courtesy UMPC Portal) posing with its predecessor the N810, N82, Archos Internet Tablet, Viliv S5, Omnia Pro and other mobile devices. But the more impressive feat is embedded below where it takes on a 720×400 DivX video with a bitrate of 4Mbps and plays it brilliantly over TV out on a giant 50″ LCD.

Nokia N900 Pictures

The N900’s speedy hardware sure shines through and with its impressive 32GB storage and support for a large section of video codecs, I am really looking forward to it as my personal media player.

[via: UMPC Portal]

Details: Skype On The N900

Skype on the N900 is one of its highlights and yesterday at the Maemo Summit, Mark Douglas, the product manager for Skype on the N900, revealed the following details in his keynote:

Skype On The N900

  • Skype on the N900 will use the platform UI with branding so that they can be deeper integration with the N900.
  • Skype on the N900 supports multiple accounts.
  • As of now video calls over Skype are not supported, support will be made available if possible.
  • There is however rest of the Skype functionality including:
    • Instant Messaging
    • Call Forwarding (Divert calls to another number or Skype ID),
    • Calls to landlines, mobiles and Skype to Skype.
    • The ability to edit your profile on the device.
    • On device credit purchase.
    • The ability to export and import phone numbers.

The lack of video calls doesn’t bother me and the rest of it looks like a very complete package. With this in mind, it definitely looks like the N900 is going to deliver one of the best VOIP experiences on a mobile handset.

[Via & Photo credit]

Unboxing The Nokia N900

Like we told you Nokia today gave all Maemo Summit attendees a pre-production N900 on loan for 6 months. Unboxing videos were therefore bound to follow, here’s the first one. The packaging is just like the N97 and if you look around the room a lot of other people are unboxing their devices as well. The first mass unboxing of the world. Enjoy.

[via: UMPC Portal]

Video: Flash 10.1 On The N900

At MAX 2009, Adobe showcased Flash 10.1, the version of flash that will work across smartphones, netbooks and mobile devices. The good thing about it is that it promises the exact same performance and functionality whether you are on a full fleged computer or a mobile device. Kevin Lynch, Adobe CTO, demoed Flash Player 10.1 on a number of devices starting with the N900 and the thing to notice was that how well the N900 performed.

While the N900 will ship with version 9 of Adobe’s Flash player, judging by the video below, you can expect an upgrade to version 10.1 sooner than later.

What More Would You Like The N900 To Do?

Nokia Conversations ran a post yesterday asking the community as to what you they like Nokia to do with the N900 and within a day they had over 80 idea. What they did next was even better. They have put together the best ideas in a poll which you can vote on and if you think you have something better to say, you can even add your wish to it.

N900 Developer Ideas

On that list what I’d personally like to see is a complete sync with facebook – phonebook, events, birthdays and so on. Off the list I’d like to see the N900 support a USB host mode where I can simply plug-in my pen drive and copy data across. The N810 could do this and I even remember doing a post around this a long time ago asking for this functionality to be included in Symbian devices as well. That didn’t happen, here’s hoping the Maemo developer community is listening.