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The Nokia E6 Goes On Pre-Order In India For A Sweet 17,999

Nokia India has just started taking pre-orders for the upcoming Nokia E6 for a pretty sweet INR 17,999. This is the ‘Nokia Recommended’ price for this device, but judging by past treads, what this means is that the real world price of the E6 would be even lower.

Add to that the fact that you can get the E6 by paying in three interest free EMI’s and it becomes a pretty sweet deal for a capable smartphone. The E72, when it launched was selling at the 20,000 INR+ price bracket so the market pressures on Nokia are definitely showing, but looks like that’s a win for the consumer.

The Nokia E6 Goes On Pre-Order In India For A Sweet 17,999

The way pre-orders work in India is that once you fill your details on the website your local dealer will get in touch with you to pre-book the device and you are free to haggle with him about the price, so pre-booking and buying early doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the pay the advertised price.

If you’re looking to make up your mind about the E6, here are some unboxing pictures, camera samples and most importantly a 15 minute video overview of the smartphone.

[Update: You’ll have to pay Rs 2.000 unfront to book and select Nokia Priority Stores have live units of the E6 starting today, so you can go and have a play before you pre-book].

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Unboxing Pictures Of The Nokia E6

Nokia India recently hosted a Nokia E6 preview event to showcase the upcoming smartphone. While details are still slim on when the E6 will hit stores and at how much, my educated guess is that it should start selling in India before the end of June at under the 20,000 INR (450$) mark.

If you have already seen the E6’s camera samples, here are some unboxing pictures taken with the Nokia N8. Please note that the box contents of the India version may vary. I am hoping that the leather case (pictured below) makes it to the sales pack in India.

If you would rather watch the pictures in a Flickr set, look no further: