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New Nokia E63 Firmware v200.21.012 Now Available

The Nokia E63 too has joined the group of Nokia devices that have recently been given an update. The new v200 firmware brings speed and stability improvements along with bug fixes. The update also brings new pre-embedded applications like Ovi Contacts and Files on Ovi along with visual bookmarks to Facebook and Youtube.

Another thing that Nokia has been doing recently is to block the various ‘hacking’ methods, so if that is something you are interested in, you might want to reconsider updating.


The update is a 108.9 MB download from the Nokia Software Updater (windows only) and as always if you do not see the update in the NSU, it means that the update is not yet available for your product code. The update is currently not available for E63 NAM as well. The E63 does not support user data preservation, so you should create a backup before you update.