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The E71 Review

As soon as the E71 was announced, it had a magnetic attraction to it. Here was a phone that right from the spec sheet and press photos screamed that I am good, probably the best phone Nokia’s made in recent times. After four weeks of constant usage, the E71 was able to live up to the aura its launch had created for it. That being said, there are still things that the E71 indeed needs to take flak for. This post is a rundown of the ups and the downs on the E71, following on from my initial impressions. The last part of this review will list buyer profiles and hopefully help decide if this is the phone for you.

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E71 v/s E90 v/s T9 – Which Is The Fastest?

E71 QWERTY v. E90 QWERTY v. T9

One of the reasons the E71 was so hotly anticipated was because it brought QWERTY back into the Eseries after quite a while, the last Eseries in the same form factor being the E61i. But because of its size, it created doubts in the minds of a lot of people about its real world usability. I have been a Nseries man for a long time and since it still offers no QWERTY, I became really proficient with T9 and never really felt the need for QWERTY. A few months ago I bought my first Eseries device, the E90 and still found myself using T9 on it more than the internal keyboard. It was just too wide for me, however with the E71 that changed. This in my opinion is the best form factor for a QWERTY device and when coupled with predictive text and auto correct, it makes for a deadly combo.

This post pits the E90 and a T9 based device, against the E71 and we try and find out which is the best text entry solution.

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Three Killer Themes For The E71

The title of the post is a little misleading, the themes are not only for the E71 but should work well on most S60 third edition handsets. The reason I’ve specifically mentioned the E71 is because they go wonderfully with its dark grey exterior. As they say, a poor theme can kill a handset’s appearence and a good one can take it way further, these do exactly that. (Note: I’m not quite sure if ‘they’ actually say so, or I made it up!)

The E71 has brought with it a new set of default icons which are eye sores for a lot of us, these themes thankfully come with custom icons and replace them. Certain folder icons however do not change and will need to be deleted and worked upon manually. However, to my eye they no longer look as bad in the company of the custom ones. Jump over for the themes and screenshots.

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The Joy Of Predictive Text On The E71

By now we are all well aware of the size hit that the E71 has taken vis-a-vis the E61i, the obvious ramification being the much smaller keypad. This in itself, is reason enough for the prospective E71 buyers to worry and fret, especially for those with big thumbs, such as myself.  Like I said before, it is taking me time to adjust to the smaller layout but slowly I am getting better.

The one thing on that front that is helping me no end is the predictive QWERTY input that Nokia has debuted with the E71. As of today, I simply love it but for the first one hour, it was a pain and I really had to stop myself from simply turning it off. But as it began to automatically learn local words and present me with auto completions and even correct my mistakes, I started appreciating its presence. This post, takes a look into what predictive/corrective QWERTY input has to offer.

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Initial Impressions Of The E71

Initial Impressions Of The E71
Initial Impressions Of The E71

This is one device I have been waiting to get my hands on from time news got out that such a phone exists! I originally planed to hold off till the time the E71 White came out but after a while I simply couldn’t resist and forgot about my enamour and gave the grey variant a go. Turns out, Grey isn’t so bad after all, it in fact is very good looking. Considering, the fact that I had a prejudice against it when the press photos came out, it still amazes me how I absolutely fell for it as soon as I had held it.

On opening the box, what amazed me was the size of the device, it is small. After reading reviews and opinions of people around the internet I expected the device to be small but the image I had in mind just didn’t measure up. In preparation for the E71, I played around with the E61i for a little while and compared to that the E71 is a true revelation in terms of size.

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