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The N900 Is Now Shipping To Europe, Middle-East & North America.

I’m at ‘The Way We Live Next 3.0’ and we just heard Peter Schneider, Head of Maemo Marketing from Nokia say that the N900 is now shipping to Europe, Middle-East, Russia and North America. So if you are in these regions, rejoice! If you are in India or any other part of the world that is still waiting for latest shiny toy from Nokia, your wait is not yet over.

The Nokia N900 Is Now Shipping

Sadly, despite asking I could not get confirmation about if and when the N900 is coming to India. What I did hear was that Nokia is looking to take the Maemo 5 touting N900 to markets which have previously not see the older generation internet tablets.

The website maemo.nokia.com has been updated to reflect this announcement.

Presentations From The Maemo Summit

Chances are that you could not keep with all the information that was coming out of the Maemo Summit from the different presentations going on. You would also have missed the seeing slides at leisure on your screen, therefore Peter Schneider from Nokia has been kind enough to upload a few presentations from the summit onto his Slideshare account.

Presentations From The Maemo Summit

Two these presentations are aimed at developers, while Maemo 6 Highlights and Maemo 6 & Nseries are sure to interest even the most causal user. Click through for the links.

Stay Tuned For N900 Meetups Around The World

The official Nseries blog has some great news for you if you live around Helsinki, Moscow, London, New York, Dubai & Chicago and are interested in the N900. Hosted by Nokia flagship stores in the aforementioned cities, there are plans for 6 different meetups in October where “you’ll be able to meet and greet some Nokia folks and, of course, get hands-on experience with the Nokia N900”.

N900 Meetups Around The World

I am miffed because I will not be able to attend even one because of my geographical location, but you stay in any of these cities make sure you visit, I promise, you’ll have a great time. Details around the dates and registration information will be out soon on the Nseries blog, so I suggest you keep an eye on it.

Loads Of N900 Images & Demo Of Video Playback Over TV Out

As the Maemo Summit goes on, the N900 seems to be becoming more desirable by the minute. First up a is an extensive 70 image gallery of the N900 (courtesy UMPC Portal) posing with its predecessor the N810, N82, Archos Internet Tablet, Viliv S5, Omnia Pro and other mobile devices. But the more impressive feat is embedded below where it takes on a 720×400 DivX video with a bitrate of 4Mbps and plays it brilliantly over TV out on a giant 50″ LCD.

Nokia N900 Pictures

The N900’s speedy hardware sure shines through and with its impressive 32GB storage and support for a large section of video codecs, I am really looking forward to it as my personal media player.

[via: UMPC Portal]

Details: Skype On The N900

Skype on the N900 is one of its highlights and yesterday at the Maemo Summit, Mark Douglas, the product manager for Skype on the N900, revealed the following details in his keynote:

Skype On The N900

  • Skype on the N900 will use the platform UI with branding so that they can be deeper integration with the N900.
  • Skype on the N900 supports multiple accounts.
  • As of now video calls over Skype are not supported, support will be made available if possible.
  • There is however rest of the Skype functionality including:
    • Instant Messaging
    • Call Forwarding (Divert calls to another number or Skype ID),
    • Calls to landlines, mobiles and Skype to Skype.
    • The ability to edit your profile on the device.
    • On device credit purchase.
    • The ability to export and import phone numbers.

The lack of video calls doesn’t bother me and the rest of it looks like a very complete package. With this in mind, it definitely looks like the N900 is going to deliver one of the best VOIP experiences on a mobile handset.

[Via & Photo credit]

Details About Maemo 6 – Multitouch, Capacitive Screens, Portrait Mode Support

If you are not following this most excellent liveblog, I recommend you should. According to details about Maemo 6 coming out from the Maemo Summit (via the liveblog) in the keynote by Janne Heikkinen, Director – Maemo Product Planning at Nokia we now know:

Portrait & Landscape Modes On Maemo 6

  • Multi-touch is coming to Maemo 6.
  • So is support for capacitive screens.
  • The main developer frameworks will be Qt (4.6) for native development and Nokia Web Runtime (WRT).
  • Nokia will be holding a tech preview of Qt for Maemo 5 today.
  • The alpha of Qt for Maemo 6 is expected in Q1 2010. Beta in Q2 2010.
  • The alpha of WRT for Maemo 6 is expected in Q1 2010. Beta in Q2 2010.
  • The Maemo 6 UI will have a canvas layout for maximum customization/personalization. Widgets everywhere.
  • There will  be full support for portrait and landscape modes of operation.

Maemo 6 UI Concept

Rest as we find out.