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New E90 Firmware v200.34.72

New E90 Firmware

All About Symbian reports that the Eseries flagship, the E90 has gotten a firmware update. Frimware v200.34.72 brings Flash Lite 3, a  new version of Quickoffice, loads of bug fixes and stability improvements amongst other things. The firmware brings the E90 on par with the N95 variants’ web browser which can play Flash Video a.k.a. Youtube support. For screenshots and more jump over.

Note: The firmware is not widely available on NSU as of now, you might have to wait or change your product code to upgrade.

New N95 8GB Firmware v20.0.016 Changelog Out – Firmware Awaited

N95 8GB

SF has the scoop on the the upcoming N95 8GB firmware v20.0.016. It will finally bring automatic screen rotation a.k.a. the N82. As usual there will be bug fixes and other stability and performance enhancements too. Chief among those are:

– Improvements in HTML format handling from Gmail IMAP server.

– WLAN, BT and USB connectivity improvements.

– Improvements to the Switch application.

– Stability in the Gallery when there is a lot of content.

– Startup functionality improvements

– The browser also gets some attention with improvements to embedded video functionality while sending email via browser flash plugin.

The firmware will be available soon across Nokia service centers and also via the NSU. Complete changelog after the break.

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N95-1 Firmware v21 – Available Via NSU

 v21 Now Available

The latest v21 fimrware for the N95-1 is finally available via NSU after being available at Nokia Service Points for some time now. This update brings the Web Runtime support and Flash Lite 3 support to the N95; flash based video in the web browser is finally a go! The complete changelog curiously was out well ahead of the firmware itself and I had posted it here.

This firmware as always will still not be available for operator branded handsets and for some product codes; just wait and watch for now! However this will go to further sadden the hearts of N95-3 owners who are still waiting for a firmware update.

For all N95-1 users who are not prepared to wait, have a look at the unbranding and updating guide here.

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New N95-1 Firmware v.21.0.016 Changelog Out – Firmware Awaited

Update: The Firmware is now available.

Norman has just IM’d me saying that the changelog for the upcoming N95-1 Firmware is out. Curiously this one time the changelog is out before the actual firmware itself. Following suit from the N95 8GB, it is a major update that brings Flash Lite 3 support that enables flash video playback from the browser itself; we would finally we able to access over video streaming sites apart from Youtube. Also included is support for widgets.

The N95’s stability should inprove further and the performance aspect should also benefit. A nice tweak is that the default year has been changed to ‘2008’, it was something annoying. The full changelog can be found after the break.

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New N95 Firmware Thoughts

Nokia N95 v20 

The new firmware has received rave reviews all over the internet and it clearly deserves it! I’ve also taken the plunge and upgraded although it meant playing with my product code. Nokia please in the future release the firmware for all product codes simultaneously, at least the generic ones!

In this post I will attempt to compare the new firmware to my earlier N95 Future Firmware Requirements post. What is great to see is that almost all essentials have been incorporated and some bonuses too. Here’s a rundown:

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User N95 v20.0.015 Firmware Changelog!

Update: Leaked ‘official’ changelog is here.

Frank Mehta from over at the Symbian-Freak Forums has posted this amazingly detailed changelog as he sees it on the N95 after updating.

The major additions apart from the ones listed here are:

– Video Ringtones!

– Faster Gallery

– Much Faster Bootup Time

However, one bone of contention seems to be the camera. The speed has increased but the quality gone down?! Today being my Birthday this was the best present from Nokia but the camera part scares me! Sahil Mohanty from the N95 Community on Orkut also has similar thoughts about the camera quality taking a hit! Log below:

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