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Gmail Applications Hits v2 – Adds Multiple Accounts Support Amongst Other Things

One of the most used applications on anyone’s phone has just gotten an upgrade. The new version 2 brings support for multiple accounts within a single application as well as support for Google Apps email, thus making the additional ‘Mail by Google’ application redundant.

Apart from the above, the update also brings:

  • Support for offline browsing, you no longer need to connect to the internet to navigate through the application.
  • Smooth scrolling makes an appearance and hitting the right side of the D-Pad scrolls multiple lines downwards to what would have been the next screen.
  • In the settings, a new box has appeared that allows for the application to notify the user about new mail – not sure how this works as there is no auto retrieval setting.
  • The right softkey now defaults to ‘Hide’ instead of ‘Refresh’.
  • Support for more than one draft on the mobile, they are stored separately for each account.

As you can see switching between accounts is easy, just navigate and click on the other one and you will be presented with the inbox from that account. There’s still no sign of a native S60 client though, so in the meanwhile go upgrade.

Via: Nokia Addict

(Pseudo) Push Gmail – Free

Pseudo Push Email Pseudo Push Email

Push Email according to Steve, “it seems is something every man and his dog wants, i.e. emails hitting your smartphone (with a beep) as soon as they’re received into your mailbox. In other words, you don’t have to wait the ten seconds or so to check your mail server when asking for your email in the ‘old fashioned’ way.”

A lot of power users noted when Gmail introduced IMAP support and have configured the native S60 client to automatically push our Gmail into our inboxes. However they are still a lot of people who haven’t worked all this out. Steve has been experimenting getting his GMail ‘pushed’ onto his S60 smartphone, for free. Jump over for the results, comments and relevant how-to details.