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Nokia’s HERE Apps Updated, Upgrade To HERE Drive+ Will Cost €15.49

Nokia has announced that new versions of HERE Drive, HERE Drive+ and HERE Transit will be available for download across all Windows Phone 8 devices by the end of this week. This includes non-Nokia devices as well, so those of you with HTC or Samsung devices will now have access to the Nokia mapping goodness. While HERE Maps is free for all, HERE Transit will be a 1.99 Euro download for non Lumia devices in certain countries.

Some of the lower cost Lumias (520, 521, 720) come with HERE Drive out of the box and if you wish to upgrade to the global navigation licence with HERE Drive+ (single country navigation v/s worldwide), that’ll cost 15.49 Euro. Non Lumia owners who have downloaded the app from the store will also need to shell out 15.49 Euro for the upgrade. Finally, if you live in a country where HERE Drive isn’t a free download, the HERE Drive+ app will cost 34.99 Euros. The infographic below should help clear things.

My Commute HERE Drive

The update for HERE Drive brings a more intuitive user interface and Nokia is also promising significant under the hood improvements. Nokia has introduced a new service that lets you get an overview of traffic conditions in and around your area. Plus there is also ‘My Commute’ which shows you the estimated travel time for your daily commute, so you know if you’ll need to leave for/from work early. It comes with a Live Tile and lets you know the best route to take. While driving it monitors your route and notifies you in case there are delays anticipated and suggests alternative routes. This service will be available in 26 countries for now, including India.

HERE Transit Update

Next, HERE Transit will get new UI, and the interface has been ‘significantly redesigned’ keeping the Windows Phone UI in mind. I was recently travelling around the United States, and the Transit app was invaluable – didn’t matter if I was in San Francisco, L.A., or New York City, it came though every single time.

HERE Drive Pricing

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