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Nseries UPnP Capabilities


One aspect of the Nseries WiFi phones I am sure not a lot of us put into play is UPnP. I for one have hardly used this capability on my N95 which actually is very useful. Considering the fact that you can stream all your pictures, music and video to your phone from your PC or any other so device setup, the Home Media application is neat. But what takes the cake is using TV out in tandem with UPnP. Its pretty nifty to stream pictures from a PC in some room to your TV via the phone.

In this post guest author Anuj Singhal talks about how to set it up and utilize the benefit of say a 120GB harddisk on the phone! Note: Although this post is based on the N95 it may be valid for other wifi capable devices also.

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Multitasking: Multiple Windows In The S60 Browser

The user manual for the N95 says that it can open multiple windows in the browser but even after three firmwares I am yet to see that option materialise. However what the latest v20 firmware has done, is give the N95 a decent ammount of free RAM. Under the old circumstances I never really dreamed of managing multiple windows on the browser, however things have changed and we are in a position to do so. I sucessfully opened four websites including AAS, Symbian-Guru, WOM World, The Symbian Blog. When I tried opening the heaviest of them all Intomobile, it did load but after a while the other four crashed! However the max anyone will open is about theree, which is just fine.

Four Windows Open

For the other devices too, such as the N82, N81 and the others with decent ammount of RAM already, multiple windows on high speed wifi/3G connections is something practical. There are two methods I have been using to open multiple windows, here’s a rundown of both of them.

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Run a WebOS From Your S60 Browser

I am not a very WebOS person, however I am open to trying out new applications. Anuj from the N95 Community mentioned running Glide, a WebOS on the N95 I decided to give it a shot. Websites like Google are doing a pretty decent job syncing our content over the web through various applications like calender being accessible on the mobile. However a WebOS promises a complete experience and well, delivers in some cases!


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Full YouTube On Your S60 v3 Device!

Youtube On S60 

Yes, you read it correctly! You can now have access to any and I mean any video on youtube or any other flash video based website. There is no longer a need for converters or portals like m.vtap.com or the youtube mobile site. Forget them all!

Update: Forget all of this, just look up this post. It is a fully featured YouTube client with no effort involved.

Update: RotateMe wizard Samir has meanwhile released a Youtube player that lets you search for youtube videos and playthen directly on the phone. There’s just one glitch in the beta, you can only search for one word! Really worth a shot. Look here.

In this guide I will list out a few easy steps which will allow you to do so.


1. Flash Lite 3 (Freeware) – Download! (Download if have registered at Adobe Labs or get it after registering from here)

2. Opera – Download!

3. CNPDA Flash Player (Freeware) – Download!

4. A S60v3 Phone e.g. N95, N93, N73, N83, N81, E90, E70 and so on.

Once the above is done with, lets start:

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What Would You Like Nokia To Do?

Nokia Phones and Smartphones

Nokia had way back in June announced that it was planning a huge reorganisation beginning January 1st 2008, a date that’s now less than a month away. With Nokia World now over, Steve from over at AAS has been pondering how the company is going to integrate the Mobile Phones, Multimedia (i.e. Nseries) and Enterprise (i.e. Eseries) divisions in a workable fashion and what would he do if he was at the helm. I’ve added a few things I’d like to see happening.

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The Standby Screen

The Classic Standby Screen Active Standby Screen

Ever since the Active Standby Menu came out in the Nokia 6680/6681 I have been a great fan of this implementation. It started with 5 shortcuts to applications and the calender display. Slowly it graduated to showing the current music track. Next came the current FM station and so on.

Today the N95 Standby screen pictured above, incorporates 6 shortcuts, calender, To-Do, Memo, Search, Music Track info, FM Station and the WiFi Indicator.

I personally prefer clean themes and as a result hardly ever need the screen to be blank for a wallpaper and really like optimum usage of the screen’s real estate. I’m also glad that the message preview a.k.a. the E-Series has not been incorporated into the N-Series, this is because you never know when a message you do not want others to see pops up in the display!

Moreover I just wanted to put up these pictures in PiZero’s Gold Theme, so the post! 😉

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