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Android – Will It Make An Impact?

Well, the much anticipated, much hyped Google phone turned out into a completely new operating system called Android that is supposed to be open and free.  Meaning thereby that manufacturers could use it for developing their smartphones without having to pay for or license an OS such as Symbian or WinMo. The idea behind the entire scheme of things is deriving advertising based revenue and thus reducing the cost of the phone. However would this business model really make a difference? Would it actually revolutionarise the way we use phones? Would it be spectacular? The more I think about it, the less convinced I am.

The question on my mind is, how much of an effect will this have on pricing. The absolute maximum amount a manufacturer pays a vendor such as Symbian or Microsoft for their software is not more than 5$-20$ a handset. Now even if Google is not charging this money for the OS, the largest price drop in the cost of a smartphone would be in the same region. Meaning thereby there would not be a substantial price drop.

For a high end smartphone, this is not a difference at all and in my opinion not sufficient for pulling a customer from a company such as Nokia; which is not a part of the Open Handset Alliance. The reliability of a business and the trust a consumer places in a brand would not be overcome so easily. In the high end segment there is enough profit margin, the Nokia N95 on launch was priced somewhere around 900$ now it retails for a mere 600$, all this within 6-7 months of its release. A 300$ dip in profit on each phone and Nokia is still making money on the device. In face of competition the phone could be a little more competitively placed and Nokia and S60 would prove tough to beat.

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Controlling Music With A Shake!

The Nokia Blog has this great video up demonstrating another awesome use of the N95’s built in accelerometer.

In the video the N95 emulates a Sony Ericsson W580i and gets shake music control. The creator of this video claims to have done this within 30 minutes! Great work! Why didn’t Nokia not talk about this great feature when Apple was literally screaming with the iPhone (read iHype)! Can we get an updated Music Player in the new firmware Nokia? Please!

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S60 Wishlist: The Future Beckons!

Series 60

S60 the smart-phone user interface, we have all used it; sometimes we loved it and other times it let us down. But, the true fact is that S60 which sits atop the Symbian operating system is one of the most powerful and user friendly user interfaces available for any smart-phone. The other interfaces like UIQ and Windows Mobile cater to PDAs rather smartphones. PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) are devices with which are data-centered and have telephony as an add-on while smartphones are more telephony-centered with data related features being add-ons. While S60 has a lot of strong points it also has a few shortcomings compared to other interfaces as well as what a smart-phone user wants. This article by Jamal Abid wants to establish a basic wish list for the features that we the S60 users want to included in the next S60 releases by manufacturers world-wide.

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WiFi Without Routers!


Have you ever heard of the application called GNUBOX which helps you use your laptop/desktop’s internet on the phone via Bluetooth? It’s quite a lengthy process and most people generally give up trying. However there is a much easier way to share the internet and make it available for our wifi enabled phone. Now, while you can buy a router and make this infinitely easier, guest author Jamal Abid decided to do it the harder way, WiFi connectivity without any router and in the process helped me and i hope a lot of others save money. I dont know if you already know how to get this thing working, but those of you (like me) who didn’t know, what follws is a pretty detailed tutorial.

In this write up he explains how to quickly and conveniently set up internet sharing without the need of any complicated applications or a WiFi router. It is nothing complex, just a series of very simple steps you need to follow exactly.

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Bluetooth As A Proximity Badge!

Today seems to be a what if this could be done day! After my previous post on a Bluetooth Mouse, this one again presents a challenge to the 3rd Party Application Developers! But if you own a Linux PC/Laptop you needn’t wait!

Using this method, explained here, Linux users can already use there phone as a proximity sensor for their Laptop or PC; meaning thereby that as soon as your bluetooth phone goes out of range the system locks itself! As soon as you come in range it unlocks! Cool!

Now our very own Salling Clicker can already do this! At least partly! It can lock the system as the proximity increases but it fails to unlock! However a downloadable script for it is available which allows the system to be unlocked too! But the problem is that the method is not secure! The author of the script clearly says that this is a security risk! More about Salling Clicker here.

He points out that:

“This script will have your windows logon credentials stored in plain text on your PC and has a service running that can interact with your desktop. Neither of these are very good things. You can lock down the directory storing the script using NTFS permissions if it is in the “my scripts” folder in “my documents”, but it also creates a temporary file containing your credentials for the duration of the script execution (a second or two when you enter proximity). Install and use at your own peril.”

Now this is a workable solution but the security risk keeps nagging you! What i’m asking is can’t a 3rd Party Developer do this securely? I’m sure a lot of people will be queing up for this sort of application! What do you guys think??

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Bluetooth Mouse On A Smartphone!

I found this really interesting! Teksoftco with their new BlueMouse software will allow users of Windows Mobile(Alas!) to pair their existing Bluetooth Mouse with a WinMo device and use it to mouse away to glory! On a small windows mobile phone screen, i dont’t know how useful will it be?! But the thing that hit me was what if we we had such a software for our very own TV out capable Symbian phones!

Blue Mouse

Now this would be being ‘Truly Wireless’! Instead of the need to sit close to the TV so as to control the phone, we can sit back and relax!

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