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On Leaks & Scoops

On Leaks & ScoopsI just came across a very though provoking piece on the Conversations website – Product Leaks. We are all well aware of the latest Nokia phones but that’s not it, these days we seem to be aware of what’s being cooked up in their labs too! Pictures of the latest Nokia slider, the first S60 touchscreen device and so on are hugely sought after and our appetite for more and more knowledge about what’s going on never ends. May be it is because we are just looking too see what our newest purchase going to look like or do, but it could also be possibly be a manifestation of a part of us that feels and wants to be a part of Nokia. We want to be ‘in’ on the latest no matter what, be part of the entire product life cycle.

I fondly recall when the first pictures and specifications of a rumoured N83 emerged, how it was later confirmed as the N95. From the very first day, I decided that I wanted the phone. Waiting months for it to be announced, lapping up every tiny bit of information on it, meanwhile discussing it with fellow enthusiasts, it was fun. But at what cost for Nokia? I at that time was sold on an N73, had almost bought it when the leak hit. I stopped, waited a few more months and then got the N95 while skipping the N73. That leak had just caused Nokia a 450$ loss. What was worse for them, I even told a friend to hang on – 900$. But if you come to think of it, this is not a big loss at all. Nokia sells millions of handsets and a large chunk of those buyers do not have a clue that the handset is available until they see it in shops. May be with time the percent of Internet savvy buyers grows, but but this will continue to remain one of the lessor worries.

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Nokia Liam (E71) & Nokia Dora (E66?) Leaked

Nokia Liam

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This is a week of leaks, and the Boy Genius has the scoop of the year so far! He has published the entire vodafone lineup for 2008. It includes BlackBerrys, HP’s new Windows Mobile phones, the new Nokia Symbian devices, and even the new Palm devices! What is of importantance to me (us) are two Symbian Nokia devices, the Nokia Liam and Dora both Eseries.

Nokia Dora

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The specs for both devices are good and the E65 successor, Dora looks much more beautiful than its successor. Can’t wait for the official announcement. CES?