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7 Reasons Why The Lumia 925 Is A Perfect Smartphone

Doing what I do, I have access to a wide variety of smartphones and given my inclination, most of the times those are all flagships devices. But despite all that, there is a one smartphone that I keep coming back to – the Nokia Lumia 925. It isn’t the latest or the greatest Windows Phone. It doesn’t have a 41 MP camera, or a full HD 1080p display, or a Snapdragon 800 processor, and it isn’t even very new – having been announced back in May 2013. But there is something about this device, that makes me keep holding onto it, and in post I try and figure out why.


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Nokia Lumia 925 Goes On Sale In India

In many ways the Lumia 925 is representative of an ideal Windows Phone – its snappy, slim, has a great camera, and killer looks. The combination of aluminum and polycarbonate makes the Lumia 925 stand out and really builds on the Lumia 920. Infact, this device is better than the Lumia 920 in almost every aspect, but for lack of inbuilt wireless charging – you’ll need a case to enable that on the 925.

Despite the fact that the 41 MP Lumia 1020 is coming, the Lumia 925 has the potential to be a great choice for a lot of people and if you find yourself in that category, you’ll be pleased to know that the Lumia 925 has finally gone on sale in India. The device comes in White, Black and Grey and is in stock at the Nokia Online Store, Flipkart and other retailers. The prices offered online vary from 34, 169 INR on the official Nokia Store to 33,999 on Flipkart.

Nokia Lumia 925 Goes On Sale In India

Despite the fact that the value of the Rupee has been falling consistently, Nokia’s priced the 925 somewhat reasonably. It is still competing with the likes of the S4 at that price, but that’s more to do with how low Samsung’s been able to push the price of the S4.

As is usually the case, talking to your local Nokia dealer might get you a better deal.