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Nokia Corolla: Nokia’s 8MP Device Announcement Soon

BARCELONA, Spain – We’ve already seen a surprise from SE yesterday, but you can surely expect some more action as the Mobile World Congress 2009 officially kicks off today. One handset I’m really looking forward to is the 8MP cameraphone from Nokia.

[UPDATE – It is indeed the N86, complete details here]

Nokia's 8MP Device

The official Nseries blog had published a picture taken from a ‘Nokia Device’ and the resolution on that is approximately 8MP, so the fact the Nokia will be releasing a 8MP Nseries multimedia computer today is almost certain, what remains to be seen are the other specs. If you recall, Nokia’s product roadmap had been leaked a few months ago and from all indications it seems as if we’ll be seeing Corolla announced today. Will it be called the N86? I think so.

Nokia Corolla – The late to the party 8MP cameraphone:

  • A 3-inch non-touch display with a VGA resolutionI It packs a 2.6″ AMOLED screen
  • An 8 MP camera (a first for Nokia)
  • A “half QWERTY keyboard”
  • AGPS & Wi-Fi
  • 8GB of internal memory

Unlike a few prior occasions, Nokia has managed to keep things under wrap this time and I’m eager to see how the 8MP beast will do in terms of video capture as well. Make sure to visit this page later today for the latest.

MWC: Sony Ericsson Announce Idou – 12MP, Xenon & A Large Touch Display

I knew we’d be surprised by a company other than Nokia this MWC, and boy has Sony Ericsson let it rip. At a pre-MWC event, the company’s launched ‘IDOU’ a 12.1 MP Xenon equipped device with a large 16:9 touch display. It will run the Symbian Foundation OS and is expected to hit the market in the second half of this year. Impressive.

Sony Ericsson Idou Concept

The official website http://www.sonyericsson.com/idou/ isn’t live yet is now live. Hold on, more coming soon.


Idou isn’t the final name for this device and the screen is 3.5″. Pricing at this point is unknown.


via: AAS & Engadget

MWC 2008 Video Recap

Norman has received a pack from WOM World which amongst other things contains a short video highlighting the products/services demoed at the Mobile World Congress. In a whirlwind it will take you to the N96, N78, Ovi, Maps and N-Gage Q&A’s plus a few pictures of the event and of us bloggers who were there too!

The maps upgrade was really a job well done and Ovi too is a great concept, something about which I will be writing in detail soon. My thoughts on the N96 and N78 can be found here and here respectively.

Hands On With The N78

The N78

The sucessor to the N73 is out and it is truly a fine mid end device. If the design doesn’t appeal to you its another matter but apart from that it will be very difficult to find fault with the N78. As the product manager himself said with the N78 they weren’t trying to do cutting edge stuff, just get the basics right and focus on the core user experience.

The N78 has several additions to it, the AGPS, 3.5mm jack, the 1200 mAh battery and so on. It is in these small yet definitive changes that it derives its strength from. The biggest factor for me apart from the AGPS is the music quality being upped to the N91 level.

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