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Application: Shoot Video At 30 FPS On The N8 & Take Uncompressed Images

Remember I told you about hyperX’s work on getting the Nokia N8 to shoot at 30 frames a second instead of the 25 it does out of the box? Today I’m glad to tell you that hyperX has released that mod as a downloadable application that you can install on your N8 and start shooting at 30 FPS.

What’s more, the hack also allows you to take virtually uncompressed images from your N8 that capture a little more detail than what you would get with the default settings. As a downside, the new images are a whopping 11 MB in size versus the 2 MB default average.

The mod does make a difference, but unless you will be cropping images often or be printing them in large sizes, the default settings should work just fine. However, the 30 FPS makes the hack totally worth it, the video is much more smooth and fluid.

You can download the application (sis file) here, but you will have to sign it before you can install it on the N8. Here’s hoping the next N8 firmware brings 30 FPS shooting as a default.