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Multitasking: The N8 Can Handle 15 Apps Without A Lag

We’ve lately been getting our N8 fix pretty regularly and the latest video to show up is that of the N8’s multitasking abilities. The device features a completely new visual task manager which gives you an actual preview of the current state of the application right from the task manager’s thumbnails.

If you have a number of apps open, it may be a little more time consuming to switch between applications because you might have to scroll a little to find the app you are looking for, but I have got to say it looks much nicer this way.

The above video shows 15 apps open at the same time on the N8 and it handles that pretty well. The panning and zoom in Ovi Maps is fast, images in the photos app load quickly (although they don’t like 12MP shots from the camera), the app switching is painless and the kinetic scrolling in the task manager is smooth. In the real world you hardly have more than 5 apps open, so the N8’s RAM should prove be enough.

All these demoes/videos of the N8 make me want it even more, from the looks of things the N8 is shaping up to be quite the device to look out for. Now if Nokia can just get it out soon.

[via: Daily Mobile]