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N82 Black Official: 400 Euros: Ships Soon

N82 Black

This is what we were waiting for, the N82 Black is finally a reality. Nokia issued this press release today announcing the Black variant of the N82 which will have inbuilt geo-tagging and the ability to directly upload to Youtube, Flickr etc. This will most likely be implemented in existing N82’s with a firmware upgrade too.

Nokia seems to have got one formula absolutely spot on, introduce a good device, let it sell at a high price point, then slowly let the price fall. Next intoduce it in Black, thrown in a feature or two and sell it again at a higher price at what any other colour would. Later, give those features to the existing owners too and keep them happy with Nokia as a company. Smart!

The device is expected to cost 400 Euros and will be shipping in a few weeks. I am seriously considering buying this one. More pictures below and the press photos can be found here.

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