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MultitasKING – N82


I currently am trialling a Nokia N82 and so far I am thrilled with the device; more on that later. Lets cut to the real deal now, as you may be aware the N95 is my primary phone and with the latest v20 firmware it allows me to multi task to a lets say decent extent. It is not something I would settle with but something that gets the job done.

Enter the N82, as usual the first thing I did was use Switch to get all my stuff over, download the absolute essentials like Gmail and Maps and generally set it up. Since I am somewhat obsessed with RAM conservation I decided to install Device Status and see for myself how much rope to I have to play with, on launch may be with one other application running I had about 86 MB which is beautiful, certainly the way all S60 phones should go.

As a practical test I decided to see how useful can all that RAM be, I am pleased to say that not only is it useful but it will also satisfy the geek in you. I actually ran each and every application I had on the phone including Web, Music Player, Ngage, two Gmail clients (for the java), another game, basically everything and not one crashed or the phone hung. Have a look at the screenshots and see for yourself!

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Get The Theme Icon Back In The Main Menu: N95

Themes Launcher

The latest v20 firmware on the N95 and firmwares of certain other phones have removed the Themes icon from the main menu and it is only accessible from Tool>Settings and so on. This is inconvenient for those who frequently change their themes or people new to S60.

So in case you want the Themes icon back just install this small utility called ‘Themes Launcher’ created by Sittiphol Phanvilai.


Update: If you do not want to install, Ish’s comment might help!

Update v1.02: Flip Silent – Shut Up Functionality Today!

Flip Silent 

Another Update! Verison 1.03 is out!

Samir has been very busy with Nokmote and Rotate Me and therefore has had very little time to work on Shut Up the application that is based on the Touch UI demo, in which you just flip the phone to cut the call.

Tong Ren meanwhile has released his very own application called Flip Silent with the above functionality. It works well both with calls and alarms, with the alarm being snoozed and the caller getting a busy/unreachable signal.

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Nseries UPnP Capabilities


One aspect of the Nseries WiFi phones I am sure not a lot of us put into play is UPnP. I for one have hardly used this capability on my N95 which actually is very useful. Considering the fact that you can stream all your pictures, music and video to your phone from your PC or any other so device setup, the Home Media application is neat. But what takes the cake is using TV out in tandem with UPnP. Its pretty nifty to stream pictures from a PC in some room to your TV via the phone.

In this post guest author Anuj Singhal talks about how to set it up and utilize the benefit of say a 120GB harddisk on the phone! Note: Although this post is based on the N95 it may be valid for other wifi capable devices also.

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Multitasking: Multiple Windows In The S60 Browser

The user manual for the N95 says that it can open multiple windows in the browser but even after three firmwares I am yet to see that option materialise. However what the latest v20 firmware has done, is give the N95 a decent ammount of free RAM. Under the old circumstances I never really dreamed of managing multiple windows on the browser, however things have changed and we are in a position to do so. I sucessfully opened four websites including AAS, Symbian-Guru, WOM World, The Symbian Blog. When I tried opening the heaviest of them all Intomobile, it did load but after a while the other four crashed! However the max anyone will open is about theree, which is just fine.

Four Windows Open

For the other devices too, such as the N82, N81 and the others with decent ammount of RAM already, multiple windows on high speed wifi/3G connections is something practical. There are two methods I have been using to open multiple windows, here’s a rundown of both of them.

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Freeware: A Fully Featured You Tube Client


Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz has released the first version of emTube, a freeware YouTube client application and FlashVideo player. emTube allows you to browse (by search, by featured video, by top rated videos and by most viewed videos), view and download YouTube videos or play back a locally stored file. Rafe from over at AAS has all the details.

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