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Live Nokia N86 Images & Video

Here is a set of over 10 images of the yet unannounced Nseries Imaging Flagship the Nokia N86. The keypad is nice and large and the N86 also features a ‘kick-stand’ like the N96. Also present are the dual slide multimedia/gaming keys.

We have the microUSB slot, 3.5mm jack and the power button at the top. The right side houses the camera button, zoom/volume rocker and two speakers. The left probably holds the microSD slot and the keypad lock/unlock switch.

We’ll hopefully know more about the N86 tomorrow. For now, enjoy these pictures and the video.



via: Smabo.de

The Nokia N86 Leaked – By Nokia Itself

Would you believe it! Nokia has leaked images of its yet unannounced Nokia N86. The fun never seems to end. Inside the press kit for the Mobile World Congress is a backgrounder on Nokia’s alliance with Carl Zeiss, the company behind the optics used in most Nokia camera phones. Present in this PDF file is a absolutely clear image of the Nokia N86, depicting its front as well as the back.

Nokia N86 Leaked - By Nokia Themselves

We had all expected to see the N86 announced earlier today, but for some reason Nokia chose to wait. Not one picture of the device had leaked till date before Nokia decided to let it rip themselves. The backgrounder confirms that the N86 will be a slider with a 8MP camera, Carl Zeiss optics and a Xenon dual-LED flash? Check this out. FAIL.

Nokia N86 Leaked

Here is a picture of the camera module itself. The styling on the device is also in line with new Nseries phones like the N97 and the N79. The phone isn’t touch based and from all indications doesn’t seem to have a large display either. An incredible amount of space has been wasted between the keys and the screen itself.

via: Symbian Guru


The Nokia Innovation Newsdesk has published another teaser from the N86 in the form of a low light picture from the streets of Barcelona.