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Online Retailer Lists The Nokia N9, Says Expected In India Come October

Online retailer Indiaplaza has listed the Nokia N9 on its website, with an expected availability date of October 2011. They’ve even gone on to list the price at a cool Rs. 32,368 which translates to a little over 700$. There is no word on whether this is the price for the 16 GB version or the 64 GB black variant.

But before you get your hopes up, for all we know the Indiaplaza page might just be a placeholder or something they’ve put up to draw more visitors. A quick query on Twitter told me that Indiaplaza’s reputation isn’t right up there with the best, so take this with a pinch of salt.

That being said, the N9 India page does say that the device will have manufacturer’s warranty and that means Indiaplaza will not be importing and selling the N9 on their own, but officially via Nokia.

The markets for the N9 have increased since the initial 23 country announcement and we’ve had reason to suspect that the N9 might be coming to India. The N900 came to India very late in the product’s life cycle, here’s hoping Nokia won’t make the same mistake twice.

Thanks for the tip, Avinash Shenoy.

[Update: It seems that the N9 has disappeared from India Plaza’s website. So much for that].