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Two Comprehensive N900/Maemo 5 Reviews

When it rains, it pours. We not have not one but two very comprehensive (read as exceptionally long) reviews of the N900 and its Maemo 5 OS. Michal Jerz at My-Symbian looks at the N900 in minute detail right from the camera with image/video samples, to the hardware, build quality, Maemo 5 and even available applications.

In conclusion he has praise for the speed and stability of the device, the quick GPS, the new Maemo 5 OS and quite a few other things. His concerns stem from the lack of Java support, limited number of profiles, no equalizer and the internal memory amongst other things. Considering the fact that the review is based on a proto device with unfinished software, it is quite possible that quite a few of these niggles go away by the time the device hits the shelves. Jump over for the complete low down.

Two Comprehensive N900/Maemo5 Reviews

Meanwhile, Eldar from Mobile-Review has visually dissected the N900’s Maemo 5 OS with the help of hundreds of screenshots.  Be it the Gallery, the Browser, the integrated Phonebook or Messaging, it is all covered. If you are interested in the N900, this is a piece you will not want to miss.