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Here's Your Final Chance To Enter The Maemo Masters Invitational

As you may be aware, we have been holding the ‘Maemo Master’s Invitational’ here on The MeeGo Blog for the past four weeks, and its time to move into the final week of the contest. Under this we have partnered with Nokia India to bring you the ability to purchase a ‘Maemo Masters Edition’ of the N900 that comes with special goodies including a Maemo Masters T-Shirt and a cool BH-214 stereo bluetooth headset.

Here's Your Final Chance To Become A Maemo Master

So basically, you pay the same price that you normally would have, but also get to take home some very cool swag, I specially like the BH-214 which allows you to plug-in any headset that you like and turn it into a bluetooth headphone. Since this is the last week and I am feeling generous, I’ll make entering the ‘Maemo Masters Invitational ‘ super easy. There are three ways to enter:

  • Simply comment on this post with a valid email address; or
  • Follow @TheMeeGoBlog on Twitter and send us an @ reply letting us know that you are interested; or

For week 3 and 4’s winners, I’ll be in touch via email. Good luck.

Note: Only valid if you are in India.

Blogger Talk From The N900 India Launch Event

Right after the N900 India launch event, I sat down with a group of bloggers that Nokia had invited to talk all things N900. The best part was that it was a diverse mix, which included bloggers from different avenues.

Some of us were very familiar with the in’s and out’s of the N900, while we also had people who were still new to the device. While we were talking, I was filming so here’s a 10 minute video capturing everyone’s thoughts with a few agreements and disagreements thrown in.

In alphabetical order:

If you are new to the N900, what do you think about it?

Announcing The Maemo Masters Invitational

The N900 is finally in India, is seven months late, but is still a compelling device. I am sure a lot of you in are in the market for an N900 and this post should bring a cheer to you.

We have  teamed up with Nokia India to host the ‘Maemo Masters Invitational‘ in which I will be able to invite 25 of you to purchase a ‘Maemo Masters Edition’ of the N900. The best part is that it will cost the same as the N900 you can buy at your local store, but will come with a bunch of really nice goodies.

  • The Nokia N900 of course.
  • A pair of BH-214 Bluetooth Headphones.
  • A specially crafted ‘Maemo Master’ T-shirt.
  • The official Nokia title of a ‘Maemo Master’.

I will be randomly selecting 5 names each week, for the next 5 weeks and the names of the winners will be revealed on the Maemo Masters blog every week (first set of winners announced on June 15th). A few days ago I had received a package of my own from Nokia India and this is what it was.

To enter this week’s challenge to become a ‘Maemo Master’ and get invited to purchase the Maemo Masters Edition of the N900, all you need to do is answers the following questions in the comments section below.

  • Question 1. – Right out of the box, what operating system does the N900 run? (Hint: M_e_o 5)
  • Question 2. – What was The MeeGo Blog formerly called? (Hint: Look under the title)

Good luck!

Hit MaemoMasters.com for all the rules and finer details.

Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India – Goes On Sale June 9

If you have been following me on Twitter (@TheMeeGoBlog) you will know that on Friday Nokia India held a launch event for the N900 release in India, giving details about pricing, availability, support and the like.

Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India

So first things first, the N900 has an MRP of Rs. 30,639 and will go on sale June 9 onwards but you can expect the real world price to be closer to the 27,000 rupee mark. Nokia has also promised that they will have  people in stores ready to help users setup and understand their N900 for the first time, they will guide you through email setup, homescreen and the like. If you have questions after the purchase as well, you can hit any Nokia Service Center for help. Although I’m sure most of The MeeGo Blog readers will know more about the N900 than anyone Nokia’s trained!

Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India

The event kick started with a introduction to the N900, followed by an impressive demo. I say impressive because things like lens cover reminder, FM transmitter widget and so on were also gone into, apps made by the community were highlighted and this gave the people not familiar with the N900 an idea of its open nature.

Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India

Right after the demo, we had a quick Q&A on MeeGo, N900’s India Skype restriction and so on. One thing you must know is that while MeeGo 1.0 is available for the N900, if you install it onto your device and you happen to break your N900, Nokia will not fix it under the warranty. Fair enough, but fixing your N900 is not too hard anyway, all it needs is a reflash.

Like I mentioned  on Twitter a few days ago, the Indian version of the N900 will not have Skype inbuilt due to government regulations prohibiting it, but fortunately there is a work around and all you need to do is flash to the Global firmware to have everything up and running. It is also possible that you do not see Nokia Messaging in the email services list if  you setup email on WiFi for the first time. From what I am told, this is because when email is setup for the first time, the N900 checks operator compatibility which cannot be done via WiFi. Although once you have setup the email client, it works over WiFi seamlessly.

Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India

Finally, the Maemo Masters Invitational was unveiled and something tells me that you will love it! Expect more details soon.

Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India

Right after the event, we were treated to some drifting action that promised ‘Extreme Speed & Power’, which apparently went with the N900’s tagline at the event.

Nokia Torque Drive

Nokia had invited a group of bloggers from around the country to the launch and right after the event we sat down to talk about the N900 on camera. Expect that soon. Finally I am glad to say that Nokia has finally brought the N900 to India, its a great device and despite being 7 months late, it presents a compelling proposition.