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A Portrait Keyboard Comes To Witter – Why Can't Nokia Put In One That All Apps Can Use?

The N900 has a predominantly landscape design, Nokia has said that full portrait capabilities will not come to the N900. But they have enabled portrait mode for the browser and also the shortcut ‘Ctrl+Shift+R’ (post PR 1.2) that lets you rotate quite a few apps to portrait orientation but it works once and you have to enable it again once you close the app.

Over time need has been felt for a conversations app in portrait, portrait text entry in web browser and so on but around 7 months down the line, we haven’t seen Nokia put a portrait keyboard in. A few developers have made their own version in Opera, VertSMS and the latest being Witter, the twitter client for the N900.

Witter has had portrait mode for a few days now and once in portrait all you need to do is tap the new tweet text box to bring it up. If the N900 tilts to the side even a little bit, the landscape QWERTY comes up so keep the N900 as straight as possible.

Portrait Keyboard Witter

Pressing the ‘123’ button brings the following up.

Portrait Keyboard Witter

It is really great to see the community bring such things to life. But my question to Nokia is, why not make a decent portrait keyboard for the N900 and let all developers use it, rather than each one having to make his own? This will not only save times but also rid users the need to get used to different layouts all the time.

Yes, we know you don’t really plan on portrait mode for the N900, but please give developers a hand at least. Or is something like this already in your plans, considering ‘Ctrl+Shift+R’ was introduced in PR 1.2?