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Nokia N900 PR 1.2 Firmware Coming This Wednesday?

Just because speculating is fun, I am going to point you to this Nokia Italy Facebook page from which stems the news that the N900 might finally be getting the much awaited PR 1.2 firmware come Wednesday. We had been promised an update by the end of May so this seems just about right, unless Nokia plans to take ‘end of May’ really seriously and release it next Monday on May 31.

Nokia N900 PR 1.2 Firmware Coming This Wednesday?

In any case I’m not too worried about when the update actually comes along, my N900 is performing well enough, yes I want the Qt goodness but frankly there are not many Qt apps waiting in the wings anyway. But there is one things I must say, Nokia has taken its own sweet the testing the firmware so I hope they deliver a fantastic update, an issue here will really have the users wanting blood.

Meanwhile the N900 PR 1.2 speculation thread and crossed 6800 posts and continues to serve as a great source of entertainment if you are trying to kill time waiting for the update.

[via: Maemo Italia]