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MeeGo 1.2 Summer Release For The N900 Out Now

For the loyal N900 users, the community keeps on giving. Fresh in the footsteps of the MeeGo Conference release, comes the Summer Edition of MeeGo goodness for the Nokia N900. MeeGo for the N900 is now called the Community Edition instead of the Developer Edition and the current release concentrates on making everything ‘faster and fancier‘. The focus has been on improving the performance, e.g. the application start-up time and boot up.

MeeGo 1.2 Summer Release For The N900 Out Now

There release also brings critical bug fixes to the phone, SMS, browser and camera apps, while adding new apps like Terminal, Package manager and GPRS settings along with a bunch of community applications and an extras client. Click through to this page for more details.

If you are keen on trying it out, head to the N900 MeeGo Community Edition page and get downloading, you will find detailed installation instructions there. If you want to come back to Maemo 5 on the N900 as your only OS, there are instructions for that as well.

Nelisquare: A Great Looking Qt Based Foursquare Client

Tommi Laukkanen, the man behind the Qt Kasvopus Facebook client for Symbian and Maemo devices has started working on another gem, a great looking Foursquare app called Nelisquare, written in Qt Quick. The fully featured app is currently in the pre-alpha stage and already lets you check in to places, share those check-ins on Facebook and Twitter selectively and view your friends’ check-ins among other things.

The app is being developed for the N900 (Maem0) and future MeeGo devices, but the author is alive to the possibility of a Symbian version as well. Considering the fact that the official Symbian Foursquare app is written in WRT and is a little slow, a lot of users will welcome Nelisquare.

Interested, check this video demo out. Interested in testing it out on the N900? Download here.

MIR Translator Lets You Translate Text Captured By Your N900’s Camera

The MIR Translator app, borne out of a school project, turns your N900 into a handy translation tool that covers over 30 international languages. All you do is click a picture of the text, select the phrase you want to translate, select the to and from languages and wait for the app to work its magic. Just the kind of app I needed when I was in Hong Kong, traveling with my N900 and trying to order off a incomprehensible menu.

MIR Translator Lets You Translate Text Captured By Your N900's Camera

If the recognition is erroneous, the user is able to correct the recognition via manual segmentation, manual thresholding, and manual candidate selection. If that sounds complicated, the developer has an excellent demo and how-to video.

The app is available from Extras-Devel repositories, if you don’t know what that is, have a look here.

Hat tip to @alextootchie.

Alien Dalvik Will Let Android Apps Run On MeeGo & Maemo

A very promising press release hit my inbox today morning, the Myriad Group has announced Alien Dalvik, a solution that will let users take advantage of applications made for Android devices on their MeeGo smartphones. According to the press release, Alien Dalvik ‘enables the majority of Android applications to run unmodified, allowing application store owners to quickly kick start Android application store services by simply repackaging Android Package (APK) files’.

Alien Dalvik Will Let Android Apps Run On MeeGo & Maemo

The best part about the solution is that Alien Dalvik applications will appear as native and can be seamlessly installed on devices, as you can see from the demo video below, they appear just as any other native Maemo app would.  Myriad Alien Dalvik is slated to become commercially available later this year on the MeeGo platform with support for other platforms to be announced in the coming months.

The press release only mentions MeeGo, however the demo video has been shot on the N900, running Maemo 5 and other documentation also mentions it, so chances are N900 owners might get some love as well. Alien Dalvik will also be demonstrated publicly for the first time on the Nokia N900 at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 14th-17th at the Myriad hospitality suite located at The Avenue, Stand AV91.

Myriad claims that the Alien Dalvik solution will let Android apps run on non Android smartphones with the same speed and performance as they would on a native Android device. ‘A very tight integration to both the Android SDK and the MeeGo SDK (QTCreator) makes it very easy to modify, package and test applications. Most Android applications can run unmodified as the vast majority of Android APIs are supported and tight integration with the QT framework leads to a seamless user experience.’

The bottomline is, if the solution can do what it claims and Nokia can churn out a great looking UI for MeeGo, people will stop their demands for a Android or WP7 device from Nokia.

N900 Utility Lets You Automatically Find Empty Frequencies For The FM Transmitter

Finding the right frequency for your FM transmitter is always a pain, specially when you visit new cities. Fortunately a Qt based utility called E.F.F.(or Empty Frequencies Finder) from BLIZZARD will now put an end to that problem, making EFF a must have for your phone.

E.F.F. (Empty Frequencies Finder) is a utility that lets you choose a range (87.5 FM – 108.0 FM) to scan from, for empty/unused frequencies, using the receiver of N900 and headphones as its antenna. For example you can use this utility to find empty frequencies, so you can easily transmit from your N900 to your radio. If you are not satisfied with the emptiness of the frequency scanning results you can select between modes, to find a better one.

N900 Utility Lets You Automatically Find An Empty Frequency For The FM Transmitter

N900 Utility Lets You Automatically Find An Empty Frequency For The FM Transmitter

N900 Utility Lets You Automatically Find An Empty Frequency For The FM Transmitter

Th app hasn’t found its way to the repositories yet, but you can download the .deb file from here (direct link) and install it manually. You will need to plug your N900 headphones in so that the app can use them as an antenna for the radio. Your N900 also must be running the PR 1.3 firmware.

I would love to see this utility come out for Symbian^3 devices as well, may be Qt can help.

Hat tip to the ever useful @mwkn for the tip!

Auto Remove SMS For The N900 Helps You Bid Adieu To SMS Spam

SMS Spam is a glowing menace, but if you own a N900, you won’t have to live with it anymore. Giovanni Cognome‘s Auto Remove SMS written in Qt and C++ lets you delete text messages based on their text, sender or the received date. The application is a free download and even has  a background version that can be scheduled with the Alarmed app to auto remove SMS.

Auto Remove SMS For The N900 Helps You Bid Adieu To SMS Spam

AutoRemoveSMS should be available in the extras-devel repository, if you don’t know what that is, read this. If you want to install it directly, use the links below.

Download (install): autoremovesms.install (click from the N900’s browser to begin installation)

Download (deb): autoremovesms_0.3.3_i386.deb (The actual app, you can download this on the computer and then install on the N900, but this will you will not be notified on updates)

[via: @alextootchie]