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Nokia N900 Pre-Order Details/Offers

A few weeks ago, I started a poll on The Symbian Blog about whether you will buy a Nokia N900 and here is how the results are progressing so far.

N900 - Will You Buy Poll

So if you fall in those 48% that would like to own a N900, I’d like to remind you that Nokia started taking pre-ordes for the N900 a little while ago and they have slowly been adding more and more countries to the ones that will get the N900 first. As of today, you can pre-order a N900 if you live in any of these countries:

Nokia N900 Pre-Order Details/Offers

The price of the N900 is 499 Pounds if you are in the UK, 599 Euro if you in Europe and $650 if you are in the US. But if you are in the US, there is an even better deal to be had via Amazon, they have it listed for $582.99.  In some countries, Nokia also has promotions such as a free Bluetooth headset if you Pre-Order.

Direct Links To The Nokia Online Store:

Demo'ing The N900 Browser – Music Video Style

Apart from the awesome hardware and great design, one of the biggest strengths of the N900 its new ‘Maemo Browser’ that promises to brings the full ‘desktop experience’ to the palm of your hand. Marketing speak, aside how well does the N900 browser actually fare? Check out this awesome video to get an idea of its capabilities.

But since that was a little too ‘touched up’ watch this video for a something a little more fair. The word on the street is that it is way better than the experience of the current crop of Nokia smartphones like the N97 running the Symbian OS provide. Since devices like the N97 already support flash and the N900 is touted to be better, I am pretty excited about the capabilities. What do you think?

Hat tip to @PeterMaemo for the link.

Reminder: Become The Next Cityman & Win A N97 or N900!

The folks at WOM World were kind enough to send me a limited edition Cityman device a few weeks back, the purpose of the Cityman was to act as an anti theft device by taking in the N97 and fooling possibly thieves into thinking that you’re holding a relic. However, for me it had quite the opposite effect and it turned my N97 into the centre of attraction, an enjoyable effect nevertheless.


That being said, the real reason for writing this post was the City Man Competition that Nokia is holding. What is up for grabs is the title of ‘The Cityman’ and a chance to be one of the first in the world to win a N900 or even an N97 if you so choose.

In order to win, here’s what you need to do:

1. Use the Cityman Antitheft device and get someone to take a photo of you (80’s style gives you extra points!) If you haven’t managed to get your hands on the Super limited edition Cityman Antitheft, print this PDF and make your own.

2. Upload your picture to http://share.ovi.com/album/nokia_cityman.NokiaCitmanComp

The deadline for submitting pictures is 5.10.09. After this the Nokia jury will select the 10 best pictures that will run towards becoming the Cityman 2009. The shortlisted pictures will be posted at the Nseries blog where the visitors have two weeks to vote for the winner.

There are not many entries so far and you have a realistic chance of winning. But time is short, so get going now!

Get The Nokia N900 User Manual Now

The N900 is a fresh new device with a new layout, settings and functionality. If you have been using Nokia smartphones in the past, chances are that you never felt the need of picking the user manual, the N900 however will change that. Not only will the geek in you want to read it, you might even learn a thing or two about the device.

Nokia N900 User Manual

Nokia USA has already uploaded the manual and I am happy to share the direct link (4.8 MB PDF Download) with you. Hat tip to bugelrex for the link and NokiAAddict for the tweet. The manual seems to have some typographical errors, so read with caution!

Find anything interesting? Please share in the comments section below.

Two Comprehensive N900/Maemo 5 Reviews

When it rains, it pours. We not have not one but two very comprehensive (read as exceptionally long) reviews of the N900 and its Maemo 5 OS. Michal Jerz at My-Symbian looks at the N900 in minute detail right from the camera with image/video samples, to the hardware, build quality, Maemo 5 and even available applications.

In conclusion he has praise for the speed and stability of the device, the quick GPS, the new Maemo 5 OS and quite a few other things. His concerns stem from the lack of Java support, limited number of profiles, no equalizer and the internal memory amongst other things. Considering the fact that the review is based on a proto device with unfinished software, it is quite possible that quite a few of these niggles go away by the time the device hits the shelves. Jump over for the complete low down.

Two Comprehensive N900/Maemo5 Reviews

Meanwhile, Eldar from Mobile-Review has visually dissected the N900’s Maemo 5 OS with the help of hundreds of screenshots.  Be it the Gallery, the Browser, the integrated Phonebook or Messaging, it is all covered. If you are interested in the N900, this is a piece you will not want to miss.

Poll: Will You Be Getting A N900?

Nokia N900Nokia World is ongoing and needless to say we will be seeing a ton on content on the N900. Some of you may have even seen some of it. Based on what you have heard/seen/read or will see/hear/read in the next few days will you buy/preorder a N900? (Pre-orders have already started in some countries).

I know I will. It will be nice to experience a new OS from Nokia. What are your reasons?