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The N97 Gets Updated To v22

The N97 Classic has just received an update in the form of a the v22.0.110 firmware. The update is a 4.9 MB download over the air and the new firmware will soon also be available via the Nokia Software Updater. In addition to bug fixes and general speed  improvements, v22 comes with Ovi Maps 3.3 pre-loaded so you don’t need to install it separately if you want free navigation. This saves you a good 9-10 MB of precious phone memory, but if you choose to update to the 3.4 version of Ovi Maps, you’ll again loose the free space you just gained.

The N97 Gets Updated To v22

The update also brings RAM optimizations and according to Steve over at AAS after a fresh install (firmware update + format) you will have 55MB free on disk C: and almost 60MB of free RAM at first boot. I’d recommend giving your N97 a fresh start, so to format it you can enter *#7370# in the dialer and follow the prompts, this will wipe the entire phone memory so its prudent to take a backup.

If you are in for the finer details that a changelog brings, you might want to check this post by Norman over at Symbian World.

The Ovi Maps Route Race At SXSW

Day 3 of SXSW and the brilliant folks at WOM World had something incredibly awesome planned – the Ovi Maps Route Race. The idea was simple – navigate around Austin with Ovi Maps. The fun part was that we were going to be doing it on Segways and on a ‘confrence bike’. The experience was incredible, but that’s not really why I am writing this post. It is to share the navigation experience.

The Ovi Maps Route Race At SXSW

As you are aware, Ovi Maps navigation just went free worldwide for quite a number of devices, including the N97 and that’s the Nokia we used today. Austin, Texas dosen’t have many tall buildings and today was a clear day – perfect conditions for a good GPS connection so the N97 had no problems keeping a lock.

A route was already planned using the http://maps.ovi.com/ page and then sync’ed to the N97 from within the Ovi Maps app. This is important, because in a new city you could sit back at the hotel, ask for the city’s landmarks and then put them in your route and give yourself a nice tour.

Once we got navigating we realised that Ovi Maps has amazing accuracy, it won’t just stop navigating near the landmark we’d set, but it would only stop when we were exactly there. This caused a lot of delays in our trip as we had to wait for everyone to checkin before moving on, but if I were  on my own I’m sure I’d appreciate that.

Since the route was already sync’d in, we just had to select it to get going. Like it is while using driving navigation, the app would recalculate when we missed a turn or over shot it. The audio directions were clear and perfectly timed.  To sum it up, we used Ovi Maps to use create a route, sync it, follow it and reach our destination- all without much fuss and for free. I will have to say it delivered. What more could you ask for? Bettter search perhaps?  

The Nokia N97 Gets Updated To v21

The N97 has just received some love from Nokia in the form of the v 21.0.045 (v 21.2.045 for some) firmware update, labeled at PR 2.1. This update builds on the improvements brought by the previous v20 (PR 2.0) update and will improve call reliability and provide a better touch scrolling experience. The web browser and music player also get improvements; the new firmware also promises improved image and video stability.

The Nokia N97 Gets Updated To v21

Apart from these changes, expect other under the hood optimizations, bug fixes and a new theme. The update will only be available via the Nokia Software Updater at first, due to the large number of improvements. Nokia promises an over-the-air update after a period of testing.

As you may be aware, you can update the N97 without losing data. However, a backup never hurt. I will update this post incase I notice any other changes/improvements.

If you do not see the update via the NSU, it means that the rollout has not reached your product code/region as yet.

The Nokia N97 Finally Gets Free Navigation

When Nokia announced that they were going to give away free drive and walk navigation and other premium content for Ovi Maps, the N97 was left out from the list of devices that were supposed to get this. This left many people shocked, wondering why had Nokia done this.

Infact, Nokia almost got bad press for this. They quickly went into damage control mode and made it clear that the original N97 will be getting this free functionality, and soon. January 28 was the date promised, and Nokia has delivered ahead of time. Awesome.

Free Navigation N97.jpg

So for all those of you with the original N97, hit the Software Updater in Application to get the update in the form of a 8MB download. Make sure you have enough phone memory before you hit update. Now the wait for the v2.1 firmware starts, tomorrow perhaps?

[Image via @MickyFin]

Nokia N97 Mini Unboxing & N97 Comparison

Things have been a little hectic for me lately, but that will not stop me for bringing you the N97 Mini unboxing, filmed in Helsinki on the first day of ‘The Way We Live Next 3.0’ event.

The video is divided into two parts, the first is a good old unboxing and the second is a N97 Mini overview and comparison with the N97. If I sound a little tired, it is because of all the interview and demoes that I had earlier in the day. Stay tuned for a lot of ‘TWWLN‘ content in the coming days. But for now, its all about the Mini.

Answers From The N97 v2.0 Q&A

We have just wrapped up the Q&A about the N97’s new 2.0 firmware. We had limited time, so I could unfortunately not get through all the questions that you had asked. With that said, here are the key aspects I’m sure you would like to read about.

  • On the reworked RAM management – “We reworked the application memory mapping model, which uses the RAM more efficiently and reduces the memory errors”. It will help third party applications as well.
  • On an early and a later build of the v20 firmware being released via the NSU – “There are no different SW versions out! All are the same. But admitting here as well that we had a build problem for our MEA versions, so we needed to re-build those….” (Q’s by Steve from AAS)
  • On VOIP/Skype/Internet Radio – “We have already VoIP into PR2.0 and we are working on the Skype to get the best user experience out to the field”. “We are currently evaluating the internet radio feature for N97, but it is still in early phase”. (Q by Micky from Nokia Users)
  • On Installing Nokia Messaging & Others on the E: drive – “We have choosen the C: drive, since it has memory paging and therefore makes the apps running faster and smoother”. (Your’s truly)
  • On the possibility of Virtual RAM – “With PR2 we have taken big steps to improve the memory handling mechanism and the PR2.0 memory status will allow users to run the apps in a smooth way. Getting virtual RM is not an easy task, we encourage users to install the apps into the big 32Gb memory and not get everything into the C drive”. (Your’s truly)
  • On threaded messaging and smiley support: “Our platform is under continues changes and improvements, stay tuned for the next releases, you will love them”. (Q by Ibrahim Jogee from The Nokia Review)
  • On the Browser getting numeric shortcuts to options like bookmarks: “With a touch device it is much more easy and convenient to use the finger than using the keypad to get a bookmark started”. (Your’s truly)

There was a bit of discussion on bugs and a few other subject, click through to Nokia Addict for the complete transcript. Our questions were answered by Frank Zillikens and Catalin Gheorghiu from Nokia. Frank headed up the N97 v20 Firmware, and Catalin works on the Firmware Development Team.

I would like to thank both of them for their patience and answers. They have kindly agreed to take more questions, so if there is still something that’s troubling you, please make a note below. Also, they would also like some feedback on the new 2.0  firmware, as Catalin said, “Many of the PR2 improvements came from your ideas, you can see that already”.