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What Is The Limited Edition Anti-Theft Nokia N97 Device?

Two days ago a received an interesting email from the good folks at WOM World letting me know that a very special Limited Edition N97 Antitheft device was enroute to me. Accompanying it were the following words, ‘The device is getting a lot of attention for its looks and is becoming very desirable. To ensure the safety of your handset we have sent you a very special Limited Edition Antitheft device. Look for it in your mail in a few days’.

This really got me wondering what it was; Mark from The Nokia Blog was also sent this message along with the following picture, and now I think I know what is coming and I think I am going to love it.

Nokia N97 Anti Theft Device

I think a replica of the Nokia Mobira Cityman, the world’s first NMT hand portable is on its way and it will be able to hold the N97 thereby fooling ‘possible theives’ into thinking it was a old relic. Here’s how the device looked like:

Nokia N97 Anti Theft Device

If I am right and this is what it is, I am really looking forward to rocking the N97 this way in public. I just hope some collector doesn’t think this ‘relic’ is more valuable than the N97 itself!

N-Gage, Maps 3.1 & An Optimiser For The Phone Memory Now Available For The N97

Nokia has finally once again made the N-Gage application available for the Nokia N97. The N-Gage client is available via the ‘SW Update’ application and is a 6MB download (6144 KB). However, that’s not all, along comes an update for Nokia Maps in the form of Maps 3.1 and an optimizer for the phone memory.

Updates For The N97 Updates For The N97

I am specially pleased to see the phone memory optimiser, it is a sign that Nokia accepts its mistakes and tries to rectify them rather than turn a blind eye. You can also check out these tips to help manage the phone memory better.

Poll: Do You Like The N97’s Keyboard?

The Nokia N97’s keyboard has come under a lot of fire for the spacebar placement, lack of a dedicated comma key and limited tactile feedback. Despite all of that after more than two weeks with the N97, I have come to love the N97’s keyboard.

If you have used the N97’s keyboard, I’m curious to know what you thought. Vote now!

Jump over for my thoughts on the keyboard and general N97 hardware.

Really Cool Nokia N97 Promo Videos

Three new N97 promo videos have just popped up over on the N97’s Facebook page. One basically highlights the Ovi on the N97 the store, share and maps. The second nicely shows off the N97, but the third is by far my favourite. It features some really slick editing and is a definite must watch, infact its the reason I wrote this post.

Starting with my favourite, please note that the cool quotient goes down as you move down the list.

Video IClick here if this video doesn’t show up in your reader.

Video IIClick here if this video doesn’t show up in your reader.

Video IIIClick here if this video doesn’t show up in your reader.

How To Recover Phone Memory On Your Nokia N97

One major oversight on Nokia’s part when they created the N97 was the paltry phone memory on the handset. I am not talking about the 32GB storage, but the actual phone memory where contacts, notes, email, messages and other things are stored. The phone memory is limited to a grand 74 MB, out of which only about 45 MB is available because the rest is taken up by the pre-installed application and so on.

How To Recover Phone Memory On Your Nokia N97

Next if you install some applications or themes of your own, you will find yourself with very little storage left. Within a few days you will notice that the free memory has fallen even further and you are getting low memory warnings. Therefore I felt the need to write this guide to help recover some of your phone memory.

  • If you use Nokia Messaging and MFE on your handset, or even have a normal mailbox configured you will be loosing phone memory pretty fast. The solution is to uninstall/reinstall or delete and reconfigure your mailboxes. This will usually get you at least 10MB back, possibly more depending on your usage.
  • If you use POP email, which you shouldn’t since there is IMAP, then go into your mailbox settings and set it to enable POP for email that arrives from ‘Now’ on, this will reduce the number of old emails it downloads. I know this seems petty.
  • Next, install a third part file manager like Y-Browser and delete the ‘Cache’ folder in C:/System. This will really help.
  • Follow that up by deleting the ‘dmgr’ folder in C:/System. That folder holds the files that are downloaded by the Browser, on most occasions it is automatically cleared but sometimes files get stuck.

How To Recover Phone Memory On Your Nokia N97

  • Now lets move on to the pre-installed applications and widgets, uninstall as many as you do not need. On most occasions you will be able to find the ones you really need again, then simply install them to the 32GB drive on the N97. For example, I wanted the ‘Psiloc Traveller’ application, so I simply downloaded it from the Ovi Store, same with widgets.
  • Open the Ovi Store application settings and make sure it is set to install applications on your E: drive. To do this navigate to Options>Account>Settings>Installation Preferences.

How To Recover Phone Memory On Your Nokia N97

  • If you install any application/theme, make sure you install it onto the E: drive. However, if you are going to be using a particular theme install it onto the phone memory. This is so that your phone doesn’t switch to the default theme everytime you connect it in the ‘Mass Storage’ mode. Same for ringtones. Make sure you keep it down to one theme only.
  • You may also change your default ‘Messaging’ memory to either the 32GB inbuilt storage or a Memory Card. To do this, enter ‘Messaging’, hit Options>Settings>Other>’Memory In Use’.

How To Recover Phone Memory On Your Nokia N97

If you follow these steps, you should be able to reclaim quite a bit of the phone memory on your N97 and keep if working without it having to bother you about the phone memory. Have any other tip? Please share in the comments below.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & Nokia 5800

Following on from my previous post about the Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) update which brings compatibility with the latest Nokia devices including S60 5th Edition and Windows 7 is this brief tutorial which explains how to change the product code on a Nokia device in order to update the firmware.

This tutorial should be valid for all Nokia devices and not just the N97, which I have used to demo the procedure. In order to get started, all you need is:

  • A Windows machine.
  • A copy of the NSS Suite which you can get here, or use this direct link.
  • A USB cable to connect the phone to the computer.
  • The device itself.


  • Simply connect your device to the computer in the ‘PC Suite’ mode.
  • Install (use the default configuration, i.e. just keep clicking next during installation) and fire up NSS. You should see the following screen.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Simply click the lens as shown in the picture above.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • You will see the above screen, next click on ‘Phone Info’ situated next to the top left corner.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • In the ‘Phone Info’ screen, click ‘Read’ to bring up your current product code, HW version etc.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Next simply click ‘Enable’ next to the product code.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Fill in the desired product code, I have used a fictitious ‘111111’. Please make sure you fill in the right product code e.g. filling in a NAM product code when your device is a Euro model can cause serious damage when you update. Now press ‘Write’.
  • Nothing will appear to have happened, but your product code would have been changed. To verify hit ‘Read’ once again.
  • That’s it. You have now changed your product code and can fire up the Nokia Software Updater to get the latest firmware.

Please note that I or The Symbian Blog will not be responsible for any damage or liability that results from the above procedure. Please do so at your own risk. Happy updating! If you are wondering about the advantages or disadvantages of updating, look this post up.