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Axel Meyer Is Coming To India For The N97 Blogger’s Meetup – Line Up Your Questions Here

Like has happened in a few other countries, there is going to be a N97 Blogger’s Meetup here in India as well, but with a huge twist. Axel Meyer, Head of Design Nokia Nseries is himself coming to India for the event! The meetup takes place on June 10th in Delhi and I can’t wait for it. Not only would the 10tth be the first time that I will get my hands on the N97, but I should also be able to get Axel to answer a few questions about the device he helped create.

I already have loads of questions in my mind, but if you have any queries about the N97 please leave them in the comments section below and I will be surely to try and get Axel to answer them for you. I had once earlier got the chance to throw a question at him, the video for which is below, but hopefully this upcoming session should be much more substantial.

I will be twittering from the event that starts 7:30 PM IST on the 10th, so make sure you follow me for the latest.

Explaining the N97 Design:

A Q&A With Bloggers Such As Myself:

Nokia India a big thank you for organising this one, a really great job.